Heel Cracks Removed with This Home Remedy

Heel Cracks Removed with This Home Remedy

Cracked heels can become not just a problem of health but also a problem of aesthetics, especially in summer when you wear sandals or slippers. These cracks are usually very painful and uncomfortable to live with so we have a great diy healing heel crack salve for you. This recipe will result in 1/2 cup of healing cream.

What Do You Need?

1. For the base mix:

– 11 g Liquid Lanolin;
– 22 g Macadamia Nut Oil;
– 6 g Cocoa Butter;
– 10 g Emu Oil;
– 6 g Coconut Oil;
– 9 g Shea Butter;
– 11 g Castor Oil;
– 40 g Beeswax.
– 5 g Vitamin E Oil.

2. For the second addition:

– 5 drops Oregano Essential Oil;
– 10 drops Palmarosa Essential Oil;
– 10 drops Carrot Seed Essential Oil;
– 20 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil;
– 30 drops Lavender Essential Oil.

How Do You Remove Heel Cracks?

Measure all the ingredients into a glass cup. Put the cup into boiled water where everything should melt and merge into an oil. After the composition is omogen, introduce the ingredients from the second addition list. Once all the ingredients are completely blended, put the cream into a clean jar and seal it. The healing heel crack salve can be used within 3 months and remember to keep it out of direct light and heat.

Source: alldaychic.com

Home Heel Crack Remedy

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