Healthy Joints And The Best Tips To Avoid Injury

Healthy Joints And The Best Tips To Avoid Injury

Many times our readers have expressed concern about the healthy joints, the effect of certain types of exercise on their safety measures that have to take into consideration.

Therefore, in this article, I decided to talk a little about how you can have healthy joints, regardless of the sport you decide to practice.

Tips For Healthy Joints

Injuries to the joints are most often due to wrong training techniques, overtraining, sudden movements, missing warmup, etc.

All these are mistakes that you should avoid in order to enjoy the benefits of sport, and this is how we do it:

1. Do Not Make Too Much Effort Once

Want to take off 10 pounds until next week, so decide to spend 2 hours a day in the gym and to eat only… air. Not only will not succeed, but you will feel very sick and most likely you’ll get injured.

You will be able to commit to this program with tough exercise only one or two days, then the pain will be too strong.

It is essential to allow your body to gradually adapt exercise for both healthy joints and for each system. You must accommodate the effort from the muscle to the bloodstream or bone.

Do not increase the intensity or duration of exercise more than 10% per week!

2. Vary Your Training

Even if you love to run, ride a bike or train at the gym, try to always bring a touch of novelty your workout.

First, the routine can lead to a plateau where you will not see improvements in your physique. Secondly, forcing muscles and joints at each exercise session can have a damaging effect on your cartilage.

Women are usually adept cardio training, preferring exercises that put relatively high pressure on joints, such as jumping or running.

These are wonderful ways of moving, but not for every single workout. So try weight exercises or any other type of physical activity such as swimming or cycling.

3. Watch Out The Technique Used

The wrong position of the bicycle saddle is a major risk factor, as well as your posture during exercises such as lunges, squats, abs, etc.

Also, misuse of a machine with weights, for example, is an increased risk of injury. If you do not know which is the correct form of execution of an exercise, ask!

This is another reason why a personal trainer is more than recommended, especially for a beginner.

4. Do Not Skip Warm Up, Cool Down, And Stretching

If you want healthy joints and active life, this is perhaps the most important tip.

No warm up significantly increases the risk of injury, as well as a sudden cessation of exercise.

Warm up lubricates joints and “the blood is moving”, improving circulation to the muscles.

The final exercises help the heart to return it easier and safer to a normal rhythm, prevent dizziness and increase mobility. In other words, even when you are finished exercising, do a few more stretching exercises.

5. Choose The Right Sneakers

Many people believe that it makes no sense to invest more in a pair of shoes they will wear just jogging in the park. But this is perhaps the most important item in the wardrobe of an athlete.

Choose shoes according to the sport you practice. For example, running shoes are created so as to cushion the landing foot on the pavement, while the destinations basketball, hiking or any other sport that requires sudden movements need to protect your ankle.

Beyond issues related to health, it is essential to feel good when you do sports, or we give up.

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