Latest Tips On How To Grow Your Fitness Instagram

Latest Tips On How To Grow Your Fitness Instagram

Growing your fitness Instagram can be a tough call. And I should know this better than anyone since I’m still struggling with @1fitnass.

As one of the most competitive social media platforms out there, everyone is trying to get your attention. And while it might seem like it’s an easy task, actually getting out there and performing can be quite the hard battle.

After all, this not only requires making top quality content but also making things that can fit within the ecosystem of Instagram and are successful in their efforts for garnering attention.

For this reason, we put together a guide on how you can grow your fitness Instagram following.

Tips For Growing A Fitness Instagram

Are you in the fitness industry and find it hard to grow your Instagram account? These tips will help you sky-rocket your fitness Instagram in just a few weeks. Just follow this advice:

1. Assess The Quality Of Content You’re Producing

People come to Instagram for the content. Whether it’s photos, videos, or even written materials, the reason people are visiting the platform is for viewing something fresh and original, as well as holds an element of entertainment or education to it.

While that might sound obvious, you’d be surprised at how many people try to ‘get by’ on what they have for content.

We’ll note that’s not to knock anyone by saying you’re not trying, but rather to truly be successful on Instagram, you have to come up with a consistent methodology for creating content that your organization wants to see.

When looking at the content you’re producing, try to do a cross-comparison between what you’ve been producing versus what your competition has done as well.

See what type of photo editing they might be doing, as well as if they’re incorporating any design elements that could be captivating as well.

The biggest thing you’re after is seeing how you stack up, as well as where improvements could be made. With time, learning the proper skills on how to beat them out will help you shine every time.

2. Utilize More Hashtags

Hashtags are the focal point of conversations on Instagram but can be a difficult tool to master.

The biggest problem that people have with hashtags is that they want to include them without sounding too spammy. For this reason, it’s smart to put hashtags below your caption, as well as research which ones are the most efficient for your industry.

There’s a balance to how many and what type of hashtags to include, giving you a balance to what conversations you’re trying to include while cutting out the tags that aren’t necessarily worthwhile or seem spam-like.

3. Start Posting More To Your Story

When your account is public, stories are a significant way that people discover your content.

Especially if you get in the habit of geo-tagging locations or are on trend with a topic or filter, growing a fitness Instagram audience becomes relatively easy, with story views as a low-risk way of exploring someone else’s page without becoming too invested.

Make it a habit to post more stories throughout the week, giving you content that other people can look at with the encouragement of learning more.

4. Equip Yourself With The Right Tools

One of the biggest mistakes that people make on Instagram is simply relying on just the platform to get their likes, views, and followers up.

Not only will that always put you behind the competition that is using more tools to take off, but it also hurts your chances of getting ahead.

Instead, make a list of all the analytics, planning, and scheduling software you want to give a shot.

Also, try to discover other services you might not know about, such as a way to buy fast Instagram likes from real people. Although I don’t practice this method, I do get the people who would use it to get a boost for their page.

Ultimately, anything you can do to get ahead of your peers will help you win in the long-run, giving you that competitive edge when trying to attract eyeballs to your page.

5. Learn New Features Early

As Instagram is constantly changing and evolving, it can be tough to keep up with all the in’s and out’s.

One recent example of this was with AR filters, which while many of us saw it at first, didn’t start using until the real trends started to hit this past year.

Now that these filters have become popular, it’s become more and more prevalent for brands and other noteworthy figures to use them.

And for your fitness Instagram and brand, getting ahead of things like this is vital.

When you see a new feature, start using it ASAP, giving yourself the ability to learn how you can integrate within it as a primary source of engagement for as many people as possible.

6. Follow More Accounts

For how simple it sounds, following more accounts will help you out quite a bit in learning what different people are up to, as well as what gets people following.

Beyond the practicalities of it, you’ll also learn what type of people are more willing to follow you back, giving you a base that will constantly improve engagement.

Take the time to go through and follow more accounts, enabling you to start picking up on more followers, as well as study who’s willing to follow you in the first place.

7. Leave More Genuine Comments

Often a fear of those who work in social media, going out and commenting on your peer’s post can be quite a big help in gaining your follower count.

We’ll note that as long as what you’re posting is genuine and contributes to the conversation around the culture you’re a part of, people will be much more susceptible to wanting to follow you as well as being a part of what you’re about.

Being social is one of the most important aspects of Instagram, which you should always be mindful of when interacting and behaving on the platform.

8. Create A Content Calendar

Finally, creating a content calendar is pivotal for your fitness Instagram success.

Not only will it help you plan out your content but also work around any roadblocks that might come up such as a canceled photoshoot or designer that had to drop out.

Try to make this so you can see how you’re performing a day, week, or month out, highlighting what can be improved over time.

As a means of not only staying organized but also knowing how to perform, a content calendar is a clutch.

Also, if you want to learn my tips that helped me reach 10,000 followers super fast, check this article.

What are some ways you’ve been able to grow your fitness Instagram this year? Comment with your insights below!

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