Gripe Water As Gas Remedy For Babies

Gripe Water As Gas Remedy For Babies

By using gripe water in conjunction with other gas remedies, you can soothe your baby’s suffering and help them feel a lot better.

Gas is a problem that many babies experience on a regular basis, as their digestive systems are still developing and highly delicate.

So it is quite normal and natural for gas to build up. But this makes them fussy and unhappy too.

Many new parents have experienced the effects of this firsthand, watching as their little ones become red-faced and squirm around.

The babies are struggling to get comfortable and relying on their moms and dads to help relieve their pain and help them settle down.

There are various techniques and methods you might have heard of for treating a gassy baby, from lifting their legs in the air to massaging their tummy.

But one of the dietary supplement solutions you might consider trying out is gripe water for colic. Here’s a full guide of what it is and how it works.

What Exactly Is Gripe Water?

Gripe water is a liquid supplement that can be given to babies as a gas remedy. It helps to ease pains and stomach troubles associated with the build-up of gas.

And it also has some secondary benefits too, such as soothing teething pain and colic as well.

A lot of parents use gripe water, and it’s made from sodium bicarbonate and a mixture of herbs, including dill, ginger, chamomile, and fennel.

Many people swear by it, but there haven’t been many scientific studies done into how it actually works and what specific effects it has on a baby’s body.

How Does It Work?

Gripe water was first used back in the 19th century in England. Originally, its formula actually included alcohol, which, at the time, was believed to be a useful baby relaxant.

In actuality, we now know that alcohol is very dangerous for babies and children, so the modern-day formula for gripe water is 100% alcohol-free.

And the best gripe waters should also be free of other undesirable ingredients and elements like parabens and dyes.

As stated above, there aren’t many scientific studies looking into the precise functions of gripe water. But it is believed that the mixture of herbs helps to break down gas and soothe stomach pain.

How Do I Use It?

Before using gripe water, it’s wise to consult with your baby’s pediatrician and get an official recommendation on the matter.

It’s also important to check that you’re buying a trusted product from a brand you can rely on, as there are some less scrupulous providers of gripe water out there that aren’t made to the same high standards as others.

Make sure you find one that has been NSF certified, independently tested, and made with organic, natural ingredients throughout, without common allergens, artificial colors, or added sugars.

Gripe water can be given to children several times a day and can be used in babies of up to 6 months of age. Past this point, gassiness isn’t as big of a problem, so gripe water probably will no longer be needed.

Make sure you read all of the instructions included with your gripe water and follow them carefully for the best and safest results.

The exact ingredients and usage instructions can vary from product to product and brand to brand, so there’s no ‘universal‘ system for using gripe water and you’ll need to always read and follow the precise instructions each time.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Gripe water is just one of many options to try when dealing with a gassy baby. It can be used in conjunction with other methods and can be a great supplement to rely on if your usual techniques aren’t working.

Here are some alternatives to try out:

1. Use Gas Relief Drops

Special gas relief drops can be found that work to break up gas bubbles inside the baby’s digestive system and soothe gas-related issues.

2. Adjust Your Diet

It’s possible that your own diet, which may be rich in gas-producing foods, could be contributing to your gassy baby problems.

Try to cut out gassy foods from your daily meals like broccoli, beans, and legumes.

3. Massages And Swaddling

Rubbing your baby’s tummy and swaddling them can be useful manual methods for soothing gas pain.

4. The Bicycle

Lay your baby flat on their back and lift their little legs in the air, moving them back and forth to imitate the movement of riding a bike. This can really help with gas problems too.

Trying to help a gassy baby can feel like a challenge, but with gripe water and other methods, you can soothe your little one’s suffering and help them feel a lot better.

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