How To Get Rid Of Dark Eye Circles At Your Home

This article is gonna be about how you can get rid of dark eye circles using 3 different methods which you can do by yourself at home. I’m also gonna show you a recipe for the dark eye circles magic pads that you should use every single night before bed.

Causes Of Dark Eye Circles

To figure out how to get rid of your dark eye circles you have to know what’s causing them:

1. Genetics

It’s a lot harder to get rid of dark eye circles for peoples who usually get them from their genetics. This is because they are a lot more resistant to different treatments.

2. Irritation

Another thing that causes dark eye circles is increased pigmentation around your eyes, which is caused by inflammation or irritation around your eyes. If you continuously rub your eyes with a towel after you wash your face, chances are you’re gonna get some nasty dark eye circles.

3. Facial Bone Structure

If your eyes are kind of deep set in your face, the shadow caused by eyebrow bone can also make it seem like you have dark eye circles.

4. Age

As you get older you start to lose elasticity in your skin and your under eye skin becomes more thinner, which makes your blood vessels more obvious than they were before. Also you will irritate this area a lot more quicker.

Other causes are:

  • Poor Blood Circulation;
  • Fatigue;
  • Lack Of Sleep;
  • The Sun.

Tips To Get Rid Of Dark Eye Circles

After all these reasons, what are you gonna do to get rid of dark eye circles? Here are a few tips which I hope will help you:

1. Find Out If You’re Allergic

If you’re allergic during summer time and it makes your eyes watering and you’re constantly rubbing your eyes, just make sure you get rid of that by consulting your doctor and taking the prescription pills.

2. Wear Sunglasses

Make sure you always have sunglasses and sunscreen on your face every time you go out in the sun.

3. Get A Proper Diet

Make sure you’re always hydrated and make sure you’re getting a proper diet with all of the nutrients that you need every single day.

4. Sleep Enough

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep because if you’re always fatigued and tired you’re obviously gonna get dark eye circles.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Eye Circles

1. Dark Eye Circles Remedy #1

For the first home remedy to get rid of dark eye circles that I’m gonna share with you, you’re gonna need two spoons with a nice flat back and a little bit of almond oil.

  • Place the spoons into the freezer for 15 minutes.
  • Once they’re cold, place the tips of your spoons into almond oil.
  • Massage the skin under your eyes with the tips of the spoons until the spoons turn warmer.

This will reduce the puffiness and almond oil will help to lighten your dark eye circles.

2. Dark Eye Circles Remedy #2

For the second home remedy to get rid of dark eye circles that I’m gonna share with you, you’re gonna need two green tea teabags, a little bit of almond oil and a quarter of a cup of hot water.

  • Put the almond oil and the hot water into a bowl.
  • Dip the teabags in the water until they’re kind of soaked in it.
  • Lie down and rest the teabags on your eyes for about 10 – 15 minutes.

3. Dark Eye Circles Magic Pads

The last home remedy to get rid of dark eye circles that I’m gonna share with you is a simple recipe to create your home made “magic” pads. You will need a few slices of cucumber, tomato and potato, rose water and two makeup pads (or cut out 2 thin pads from an old towel).

  • Blend all the ingredients together with 2-3 tablespoons of rose water.
  • Spread the mixture over those two pads.
  • Place the pads in the freezer for about 15 minutes.
  • Then rest them on your eyes for about 20 minutes.

This recipe is completely natural so you have to give it a little time to work. Also if you want faster results, you can do this routine 2 times a day. I hope these recipes will help you to get rid of your dark eye circles, so if you enjoy this article please share it with your friends. Stay beauty!

Get Rid Of Dark Eye Circles

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