Why Do You Gain Weight? 4 Dieting Mistakes To Avoid

Why Do You Gain Weight? 4 Dieting Mistakes To Avoid

There are some dieting mistakes that will make you gain weight even though you’re dieting and exercising regularly. Here are four of them.

I have met many people who were trying to avoid gaining weight and complain that “even the air fatten” and actually do not know what to eat and what not, to lose weight.

And I find it hard to understand such a dilemma because it is so easy to have a healthy diet and it’s even cheaper than eating unhealthy.

But the question is put wrong: in such cases, we should ask, first, how we gain weight, what we do wrong, and then we adjust our diet.

And I went through a period where I get fat enough, and without making excess supply, without frequent fast foods, without spending 24 hours out of 24 in front of the TV or computer.

And then, I wondered where I go wrong?

Why Do You Gain Weight?

I analyzed the foods I eat throughout the day and these are the mistakes I found:

 1. “Just taste, do not eat!

How many times have you said this statement? Your friend eats from a box of ice cream and, you propose only to taste, but do not realize you’ve already eaten the equivalent of two servings consistent (especially if you eat directly from large containers and you can not measure portions).

The same applies to a bag of chips, a box of chocolates, or any snack with high calories.

100 extra calories per day are approximately 4.5 kg extra per year if you do not adjust and exercise, so be careful with this dangerous habit.

2. “I just ran, it is not gain what I eat!

A huge temptation for many people (especially for beginners) when returning to the room is to give raiding the fridge, on the “I was at the gym, I allow.” Here’s how we gain weight.

If you managed to burn 300 calories on the treadmill (and did you notice that it’s not a breeze), do not ruin the effort by eating a 350-calorie chocolate bar.

Instead, get a snack that will assist you in muscle recovery, such as a protein shake or yogurt and fruits.

3. “There are fruits, they don’t fatten.

Fruit juices, fruity cereals, dried fruit, canned fruit, fruit yogurt – these are just some fruit snacks that are deposited in an instant!

Why? Simply because fruity cereals contain excessive amounts of sugar for a healthy diet, fruit yogurts are actually jam, and canned fruit … is in 50% sugar syrup.

Dried fruits, on the other hand, are very healthy, but fat. A lot.

So limit yourself to small amounts and remember: not everything “with fruit” is good in a diet, but the fruit itself.

4. “I eat now and do not eat anything today!

If you can not resist … generous and delicious dessert after lunch surrender, promising yourself that you will not eat anything all day to “compensate”, you’re wrong.

Sweet foods are very dense in calories, unfortunately not related to hunger, as well as snacks of all kinds and, most likely, you’ll take dinner delaying promise for tomorrow.

Do not get up from the table feeling that explode, eat slowly and give yourself enough time for the feeling of fullness to settle before overdoing the portions of food (takes about 20 minutes).

Also, do not skip meals, as this is one of the easiest and safest ways to make you fat.

Here, then, how simple we gain weight without realizing, committing these small mistakes that cost us … a lot.

How often have you made ​​these mistakes?

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