Fitness Outfits | What Do You Wear?

Fitness Outfits | What Do You Wear?

Fitness outfit is a very important factor in your daily exercises results. One of the consequences of exercises, whether aerobic or anaerobic, is that it increase body temperature. This “result” is part of the natural system.

The body improves their physical performance throw this body warming. Moreover, the body heat protects us from stretching ligaments and joints and even helps in speeding up the metabolism.

Unfortunately, increased body temperature can not be maintained for too long, even throughout the workout, because it varies on the rate of heart beating.

Therefore, those who want enhanced results, namely athletes and people who want to lose weight or to improve physical performance, is focused most often on special fitness outfit to help to maintain body temperature constant.

Fitness Outfits

Weightlifters, for example, or participants of Strongest Man competitions, use neoprene clothes, like the swimmers do. The main reason for doing this is that the neoprene is a material which not allow the body to lose temperature. Also covers your legs tight enough, acting like a seat belt and protecting them from any injury.

For some time now, due to the above reasons, even bodybuilders (and girls of fitness) began wearing neoprene fitness pants (Bermuda Short type). It’s safe and it causes a sauna effect.

Fitness Outfits

Body Temperature

Basically, as the body temperature exceeds 36 degrees during training, people get sweaty in the abs, thighs and buttocks areas. How neoprene pants are usually raised on the limbs and trunk, warmth is always maintained (good thing, by the way). This has usually three effects / consequences:

1. Metabolism and fat burning;

2. You simembrele trunk tight so that the risk of injury is quite low;

3. Lower the risk of cellulite aparition development.

Bermuda Short Pants

Basically, when it comes to fitness outfits, Bermuda Short Pants are the most important parts, followed closely by neoprene cuffs for knees and elbows. Even if this type of fitness outfits promotes fat burning, this does not necessarily mean a possible fat loss of is guaranteed. For this you need to have a balanced diet and need to exercise daily. Really, fitness outfits like these pants above can help speed up metabolism. You can buy these bermuda short pants here: CW-X Women’s Black Expert Running Shorts

fitness outfit

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