Tired All The Time? How To Find Your Mojo

Tired All The Time? How To Find Your Mojo

Modern life is busy, and can be full of pressure. It’s no wonder that we feel so tired all the time. There are so many demands on our time that people’s lives are even more hectic than ever before.

How To Get Your Energy When You’re Feeling Tired All The Time

This explosion of the smartphone means we’re available practically 24/7. There never seems to be any peace, or time to take time out. Here what you should do to avoid being tired all the time:

1. Drink Water

It’s entirely possible that your fatigue is down to one simple thing. You may think it sounds too simple to be true, but it is. You could be tired because you’re just not drinking enough water.

So next time you need a little pick me up, reach for the Evian rather than the Red Bull. 60% of your body is made of water, so it’s imperative to make sure you drink enough to keep you hydrated every day.

2. Move More

Exercise is another effective way to boost your energy levels. Keeping fit has also been shown to help uplift your mood too. You’ll find that your stamina grows as your body gets used to exercising on a regular basis.

Building up a sweat helps our bodies release endorphins. These happy hormones can help with everything from feeling a little bit blue to clinical depression. Of course, you’ll feel leaner and healthier too, and you’ll have more energy.

Regular exercise will also help you get better quality sleep, which could mean you’re more alert the next day as well.

3. Get Some Fresh Air

It is guaranteed that a 15 minutes brisk walk in the park, or anywhere else surrounded by the nature, will get back your energy when you’re feeling tired all the time.

4. Get Some Supplements

As we advance in years, our bodies don’t work as well as they did when we were much younger. It’s one of the hard truths about growing older, although we might not like to give it too much thought.

You can help your body beat the clock in more ways than you might think possible. By taking human growth hormone supplements, you can fool your body into thinking you’re young again…. And have bags of energy!

The best HGH supplements won’t just help give your fatigue the what-for, they can also help you maintain youthful good looks.

5. Cut The Alcohol And Caffeine

I can tell you from my personal experience, that drinking alcohol late at night makes you get up early and cuts the period of REM sleep. You’ll not get enough and restful sleep, so your body and your mind will be really tired, as if you weren’t sleeping at all.

Having your last caffeinated drink before midday will ensure that your body is ready to sleep at night. Caffeine stays in the body for hours, so drinking coffee or other caffeine beverage in the evening will definitely prevent you fall asleep. What’s even worse, is that when you finally fall asleep, the rest quality will be really low.

6. Let Your Phone Down

In this technological age, we’re all spending more and more time looking at screens. And guess what? The blue light radiating from most laptops, tablets, and phones means we’re cutting up our circadian rhythms.

If not getting a good night’s sleep is making the daytimes tough, then a few simple steps could see you sleeping like a baby in no time at all. Studies have shown the knock on effect of using a screen late in night will mess up your bedtime the following evening too.

7. Take A Shower

There’s nothing more refreshing than a morning shower. It will give you an instant boost and make you feel full of energy. Tip: use cold water, as it turns to be more effective for an immediate boost of energy when you’re feeling tired all the time.

8. Sleep Enough

Here are some ways to fall asleep faster, because when you don’t get enough rest, it can make you feel terrible. Sleep deprivation is even used as a form of torture in some countries because of its debilitating and deleterious effects.

Feeling tired all the time won’t help you get things done, so try and treat the causes as soon as possible. You’ll feel much better for it!

Have you made a change to your lifestyle that has caused a significant impact? Write down a comment and share your experience with us. Who knows, you might be the source of inspiration for others. Stay fit!

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