How Facebook Helped Her To Lose 90 Pounds

How Facebook Helped Her To Lose 90 Pounds

There is absolutely no limit on how far people can go when it comes to weight loss and body transformation. And there is also no limit on how small or insignificant things can motivate people.

Just like this story, where a photo on Facebook helped a woman to lose 90 pounds.

Seeing her amazing progress and dedication will hopefully motivate you to stay focused on your fitness goal, whether it’s to lose weight or to gain muscle mass.

Facebook helped her to lose weight

How Did Facebook Helped Dina?

This is the story of Dina Skeels from Normandy Park, Washington. Facebook helped her to get the motivation she needed to lose more than 90 pounds and reach a normal body weight.

Dina was tagged in a friend’s wedding photo and she was so embarrassed because of her enormous arms, that she untagged herself and set her mind to change her unhealthy lifestyle.

What Was Her Weight Loss Secret?

She started scheduling walking dates with her friends. This was also a fun way to catch up with her friends, not only to get her workout done.

You can do the same, grab a friend and hike a mountain, jog in a national park, walk in nature to take advantage of the beautiful view. You will realize that the more you walk, the more body fat you will lose.

It’s always hard at the beginning, but in the end, all those hundreds of miles you walked will pay off.

When she started her journey, Dina could barely make it around the block, but now she runs more than people half her age. She got a little help to improve flexibility and breathing from a few classes of Bikram Yoga.

After Facebook helped Dina to start her weight loss journey and lost 90 pounds, she rarely untags her self from a photo.

Grab a buddy and get outside for a walk or a jog!

Facebook helped her to get the motivation she needed, her friends helped her to track her workouts, but what about her diet? To learn what a healthy diet should look and feel like, Dina signed up for an online weight loss program.

As she said, you can lose weight without dieting, but you can’t keep it off.

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