Exercise Guide For People With Limited Mobility

Exercise Guide For People With Limited Mobility

Exercise should be high on everyone’s list of priorities – and that includes people with limited mobility. While it’s understandable that a person with a long-term serious injury would find it difficult to exercise, it is not impossible.

Exercises For People With Limited Mobility

There are hundreds of exercise routines that can be carried out, and many of them involve just one part of the body. For instance, a person in a wheelchair can still lift weights.

That’s just one of the exercises that, depending on the person’s physical capabilities, people with limited mobility could undertake. There’s also cycling, aqua jogging, boxing, swimming, yoga and tai chi.

If done correctly, these exercises can strengthen muscle, reduce the impact of pain, improve balance and increase stamina. All of these are enormously beneficial to the physical wellbeing of a person with limited mobility.

Equipments Available

In addition, there is now a plethora of exercise equipment tailored specifically to suit such an audience. Cardiovascular exercise bikes, wheelchair multi-gums, all-terrain wheelchairs, standing frames and hand cycles are all available online and in many sports retailers.

And this is just some of the equipment that has been adapted to suit people with limited mobility who wish to exercise.

Motivation Needed

However, all of the equipment in the world may still not be enough to persuade a person with physical disabilities to obtain regular exercise. They could feel intimidated by the thought of exercising, or fearful of inflicting further injury. They might also be insecure about exercising, or lacking in self-confidence.

These are all natural worries, although with the right level of encouragement from friends and family, they can be overcome. By gently persuading the person to at least try it, and offering to help and support them every step of the way, that could be the trigger for the person to give exercise a go. And they might never look back.

Thanks to Victoria from Burning Nights for sending us this infographic about exercising for people with limited mobility.

An Exercise Guide for People with Limited Mobility Infographic

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