7 Tips To Stay Fit And Exercise During Pregnancy

7 Tips To Stay Fit And Exercise During Pregnancy

Your pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to give up exercising. In fact, if you exercise during pregnancy, you can avoid issues like lower back pain and you will probably lose that baby weight even faster postpartum.

How To Exercise During Pregnancy

Still, it’s important to practice safe exercise during pregnancy. Here are several tips that will keep you and your baby safe while staying fit:

1. Use Your Own Body Weight When Strength Training

Lifting weights is great, but after your first trimester, it’s recommended you don’t lift more than 20 pounds, which may be a hindrance. Instead, try some bodyweight exercises! They will tone your body and keep you and your baby safe.

Always warm-up before you start an exercise and, of course, ask your doctor before you begin any exercise routine when you are pregnant. Do some simple squats, planks or leg lifts to start, and be sure to never overdo it.

2. Don’t Lie Flat On Your Back

After your first trimester, do your best to avoid lying on your back. Doing so compresses an important vein called the vena cava. If the vena cava is compressed, blood flow to your uterus will be diminished. This can make you feel nauseous or light-headed and it could also put your baby in danger.

Instead, try placing a pillow or a rolled-up towel under your right hip. You’ll probably be more comfortable exercising during pregnancy, and you will be safer, too.

3. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is important whether you’re pregnant or not. It’s particularly important for pregnant women because If you aren’t properly hydrated, your body temperature could rise to a point that is unsafe for you and your baby.

Keep a water bottle on hand and make sure you are drinking water, even as you work out!

4. Exercise Regularly

As long as your doctor gave you the green light to exercise when you’re pregnant, try to keep it up regularly. If exercise is part of your routine, you and your baby will have a healthier pregnancy, and studies indicate regular exercise may help make your labor and delivery easier!

5. Don’t Strain Yourself

Be comfortable with the level of effort you put forth. If you were a marathoner pre-pregnancy odds are, while you may continue to exercise during pregnancy, another marathon may not be in the cards until post-baby.

Also, keep in mind that your body shouldn’t hurt while you exercise. If you feel pain or feel your body is in distress during your workout, this could be a sign of something dangerous, like a pre-ruptured membrane, which could cause premature delivery. If you feel like you or your baby is in danger, call your doctor immediately.

6. Warm-Up

Always warm-up before working out. Warming up allows your body to ease into your workout and stretch your muscles and ligaments. This prevents any strain on your body and injuries.

7. Eat Healthily

You will naturally gain weight during pregnancy, so obviously if you keep up your workout regimen don’t expect to see a lower number on the scale.

Make sure if you are going to exercise during pregnancy that you need to replenish the calories you exert. These extra calories will feed both you and your baby. Pick out some healthy snacks that sound good to you and eat well-balanced meals.

If you choose to exercise during pregnancy, do it safely! Your baby will thank you for it…eventually…I’m sure.

Tips To Exercise During Pregnancy

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