How Exercise Can Make You Richer (Not Only Healthier)

How Exercise Can Make You Richer (Not Only Healthier)

You already know it; exercise helps you get fit and healthy. But did you know that exercise can make you richer too? Here’s how!

Just like with the idea of the polypill, which has been shown to help with a wide-ranging number of cardiovascular diseases, exercise is the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s been shown in tests to improve health in many ways within the human body, as well as ward off a variety of diseases.

Yet, perhaps the most surprising thing you can learn about exercise is that it can make you richer, not just healthier. Yes, really…

Want to learn more? Read on.

Exercise Can Make You Richer

Here are five ways in which exercising regularly can make you richer:

1. Insurance Is Less Expensive

When it comes to life insurance, it pays to be healthy. The reason is obvious – slim and healthy exercisers on average tend to live longer, healthier lives.

Certainly, Canadian life insurance providers know this because they see the statistics for policyholders when life insurance claims are submitted.

Obese people live shorter lives, on average, and as a group suffers from more early deaths. This has a material bearing on the cost to provide life insurance, which in turn increases the premiums.

2. Reduce Transportation Expenses

With a better fitness level, it’s possible to choose to walk to the local store and not always take the car.

Just adding in the extra walk and carrying shopping back in a daypack adds to your weekly exercise whilst putting less wear and tear on the family vehicle too.

Along with less use of the car, gasoline or diesel is used less as well. This habit change really adds up by the end of the year.

3. Fitter People Are More Productive At Work

Being more productive puts you in line for more promotions compared to someone just going through the motions.

It stands to reason that being productive at work leads to a higher income for many who have the capability to approach work in this manner.

A team of researchers in the UK found that people who exercised in their lunchbreak hit deadlines more easily, mental acuity increased, and management of time was boosted too.

It’s also been shown in U.S. studies that exercise tends to lift the brain fog with a noticeable increase in the ability to do well at complex tasks or deep work.

4. Save Money on Medical Expenses

By exercising regularly, it’s been shown that people tend to get sick less often.

As a result, lost time off work is reduced and out of pocket medical costs are cut too. This adds up over time into more disposable income, which can be invested for retirement.

5. Do It Yourself, Not Hiring Out

Activities at home are harder when you’re overweight or obese. This includes gardening, renovations, and more.

When you’re struggling to get around, what you’re willing to learn and complete is far more limited.

Instead, you’re forced to hire in services like a gardener to pull weeds or a plumber to fix problems that you’d otherwise do yourself.

When you’re more physically active and mentally alert even after a long week, it makes it possible to do many more things at home.

This saves money versus getting someone in and allows you to boost your savings for a rainy day.

While the financial benefits might not seem that substantial, when you add up all different ways that being fit saves you money, it’s more than you think. Invest the difference and compound those savings over a decade or longer and you’re laughing.

As you can see, exercise can make you richer, literally, not just healthier. So what are you waiting for?!

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