10 Early Pregnancy Signs And Symptoms

10 Early Pregnancy Signs And Symptoms

A missed period often indicates that you might be pregnant. But are there any other early signs of pregnancy? Let’s find out!

A potential pregnancy comes with many emotions for women. Some are excited, some are worried, and some are downright terrified.

Until you know for sure, you may find that you’re already experiencing some different things happening in your body.

While you’ll want to find free pregnancy tests in Illinois or wherever you live to know for sure, you may be pregnant if you have these 10 symptoms.

10 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

While a pregnancy test is a sure way to determine if you’re pregnant, there are some early signs of pregnancy you can look out for.

1. Missed Period

A missed period doesn’t always mean pregnancy, but it is one of the first signs that it may be possible.

Things like stress or a hormone imbalance can impact your menstruation, but tracking your cycles will help you know when it may be time to head for a pregnancy test.

2. Breast Tenderness

Although it is also a common symptom of premenstrual syndrome, many women find that they experience more severe breast tenderness in early pregnancy.

You may also find that your bra is suddenly too tight as breasts may also become swollen from the surge of hormones.

3. Frequent Urination

Urinating more often than usual is another telltale sign many women experience, though it could have other causes like a urinary tract infection or even diabetes.

If you’re drinking the same volume of liquid but urinating more frequently, it could be an indication of early pregnancy.

4. Food Aversions

Many women find that their stomachs turn from just a whiff of strong foods like cooked onions or frying oil.

Some women also experience a sudden aversion to raw meat or vegetables as an early sign of pregnancy.

5. Light Spotting

Some women experience what they think is a light period around the time they’re due for their menstrual cycle.

However, implantation bleeding that occurs after conception can mimic the symptoms, including spotting and cramping.

6. Mood Swings

Pregnancy hormones make many women feel emotionally out of balance.

If you suddenly find yourself crying over sentimental commercials or feeling irritable for no reason, it might be time for a pregnancy test.

7. Constipation

While you may be urinating more, you may also be doing less in the bathroom.

Eating lots of fiber and drinking water can help, but many women who have never had trouble before may suddenly find themselves struggling with constipation in early pregnancy.

8. Nausea

Morning sickness is a misnomer because nausea induced by pregnancy can strike at any time of day or even last all day.

Some women have severe vomiting while others have vague nausea, but it’s typically a positive sign that your pregnancy is healthy.

9. Bloating

If you find that your favorite jeans are suddenly not buttoning anymore, it could be a sign that you’re pregnant.

While your baby is only the size of a seed at the very beginning, the abdominal bloating can make you feel like you’re already showing.

10. Fatigue

Fatigue that comes out of nowhere and sticks around all day can be a sign of early pregnancy.

It’s important to get your rest and recharge whenever you can to stave off sleepiness.

Take Care!

It’s important to talk to your doctor about any of these symptoms, especially if your pregnancy test is negative. Some of these symptoms may be related to serious illnesses.

However, becoming a mother is one of the richest and most beautiful things in life, and you may soon be one of the ones lucky enough to experience it.

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