What Is Dragon’s Blood And Does It Live Up To The Hype?

What Is Dragon’s Blood And Does It Live Up To The Hype?

Dragon’s Blood is a natural ingredient that has created a major buzz in the skincare industry in recent times. Here are its benefits.

You may confuse it with some odd Game of Thrones reference, but this magic potion can truly heal your skin and give you an exceptional glow!

Dragon’s Blood is a dense, red resin that is extracted from the sap of the Croton lechleri tree, commonly known as the Dragon’s Blood tree.

The name may sound intimidating, but this awesome skincare ingredient is cruelty-free.

The Origin Story

The Dragon’s Blood tree is found in the forests of South America. The legend has it that the first tree grew from the blood of a dragon that was injured in a gallant fight with a monstrous elephant.

For this reason, locals believe in the healing properties of this tree’s sap.

Dragon’s Blood has been commonly used as bandages by locals for centuries. When this sap is rubbed onto the skin, a thin membrane-like layer forms over the skin that rapidly heals wounds, cuts, stings, and even insect bites.

Benefits Of Dragon’s Blood

A number of high-quality skincare brands such as Luminositie have introduced Dragon’s Blood Serum for its many benefits, ranging from protection to skin cell regeneration.

In the beauty industry, Dragon’s Blood is no longer a secret ingredient. Many brands propone it as a healthier and more natural alternative to chemically loaded skincare products.

Here’s why this ingredient is so popular in the beauty industry:

1. Repairs Damaged Skin

Skin becomes sensitive and vulnerable after a certain age. It is more prone to be damaged by environmental changes.

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of this tree sap component repair and protect the skin from severe damage.

Its healing properties treat acne and scars and mitigate the adverse effect of scarring by boosting the growth of the skin’s fibroblasts.

2. It Is An Anti-Aging Weapon

Want to keep the needles away? Dragon’s Blood could be the solution.

This exceptional, not-so-ordinary tree sap is also known as the liquid face-lifter, as it adds volume and life to dull and hollow skin, making your skin taut and plumper.

So, no need to invest thousands of big dollars on painful Botox or a facelift.

Dragon’s Blood is highly rich in antioxidants, which translate into warding off free radicals that instigate premature aging.

It moisturizes skin and encourages cell renewal as well as boosting collagen production, making skin look younger and healthier.

3. Fights Acne

Its anti-bacterial properties make it an effective tool against acne.

It treats the bacterial infection from the roots and clears the pores by deeply moisturizes skin and soothes irritable skin.

This eliminates the risk of the reoccurrence of any bacterial infection leading to acne and any redness or inflammation on the skin that is a common result of an acne outbreak.

4. Has A Calming And Pacifying Scent

This ingredient is traditionally used for spiritual purposes. Many tribes consider it to have a religious value and spiritual significance.

This may be connected to its woody scent that is known to pacify and relax.

It is a popular ingredient in the making of high-end scented candles and incense sticks – you will commonly see it in top-notch spa centers.

5. Has Healing Powers

Dragon’s Blood has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties so it does great wonders when it comes to treating wounds and injuries.

This magical sap helps in healing bites, wounds, rashes, scrapes, and countless other skin problems.

Applying this sap directly to the skin forms a barrier that protects the damaged skin from adverse elements in the environment.

Risks And Potential Disadvantages

Dragon’s Blood is generally considered to be highly effective and safe to use. However, a few side effects have been reported that may alarm some people.

If you are expecting a child or are breastfeeding, then you should consult your doctor about either taking supplements that contain this ingredient or even applying them topically.

On the other hand, there is a lack of conclusive results that prove that the Dragon’s Blood can cause harm during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Equally, although no research is available that shows that this ingredient is unsafe for children, it is wise to avoid giving it to infants or children.

You must be very particular about the dosage of Dragon’s Blood you consume or apply topically. Though no adverse effects of overdose have been proven, it is always better to play it safe.

You should consult your doctor or a designated health professional to guide you better on the use of Dragon’s Blood.

Dragon’s Blood: A Powerhouse Ingredient

Dragon’s Blood is rich in antioxidants, so along with skin regeneration, it also stimulates collagen generation.

It is a star ingredient of many top-notch beauty products and premium quality skincare products.

This deep red resin is highly beneficial in a range of ways, though as with any skincare or health supplement, proceed with caution and consult your doctor if you are unsure.

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