The Difference Between High And Low Carb Foods

The Difference Between High And Low Carb Foods

Low carb foods can help you to lose weight and feel better! Low carb foods are key to weight loss. Making healthy choices is one of the key ways to lose weight.

While you do not have to completely cut carbs out of your diet, you should absolutely be working toward healthier carb intake.

High carb foods are typically not very nutritious and are one of the ways that you gain weight.


Your diet is all about making the right choices. You almost have to retrain your palette after eating poorly for long periods. Your body will crave what it is used to eating.

In other words, if your body is used to eating tons of sugary foods when those hunger pains are letting you know that it is time to eat than your brain will tell you that it is time to grab a cookie or other sweet snack.

It is up to you to make the changes that will satisfy your cravings without piling on the pounds. Choosing the right options is easy when you only have a certain set of options to choose from. Buying the right foods and keeping those available will help you to make the right choices.

You Can Eat Fruits and Veggies

A lot of people mistakenly believe that you can not eat fruits, vegetables or any kind of grains when you are trying to slow down on your carb intake. That is a complete myth. You can eat just about anything as long as it falls within the “reasonable” range of what a carbohydrate intake should be.

The goal is to focus on healthy carbs like green vegetables. The range of your low carb diet should be 12-15 grams for weight loss. There are plenty of vegetables that you can choose from like artichokes, spinach, and other leafy greens.

As far as the fruit myth you do have to watch what fruit you eat when you are on a low carb foods diet but you can still eat them. One of the better choices if you have to have fruit while you are watching your carbs are berries. Blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries all top the list. You can have about a half a cup serving and still remain within your carb limit for the day.

Best Low Carb Foods

Eggs, turkey, some cheeses, bacon are all great low carb foods. They are easy to prepare and can be served in multiple ways to make them a favorite go-to food.

Keep in mind though when you are making low carb foods choices that you should always consider the fat content as well!

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