Diets, Weight Gain And Women Metabolism

Diets, Weight Gain And Women Metabolism

Why Do You Gain Weight?

The way you perceive yourself and your own life play an important role in weight statute. Quite often, people who consider themselves happy ceases to overfeed, and their body weight stabilizes. Others say they get fat when they are unhappy. But both approaches may be too simplistic. There are various factors known to play a role in obesity. Recording a diary of thoughts, feelings and events can help you understand the factors that are related to yours.

1. An Unbalanced Diet

Good nutrition involves balance and variety. You may not realize how often opt for certain types of foods, especially those high in fat and sugar. In your journal write down everything you eat in a period of two weeks, then look carefully what you notes. How many days do not drink milk or eat fruit or vegetables? In how many days consume sugary snacks or out with friends and drink alcohol? In how many days do not eat grains or bread?

2. Insufficient Exercise

Many people recognize that eating more honest than friends and family, but get fat easily. Maybe your body does not consume enough energy. In women over 35 years, approximately 225 g of muscle tissue may be lost each year, usually being replaced by fat. “Nonfat body weight” determines resting metabolic rate (RMR), which has the function to convert about 75% of daily calories for use by the body. RMR is even greater as bones are greater and muscle are tonic. Most effective way to improve this is regular exercise.

3. Boredom And Depression

Make a note in your diary when you eat food, what you eat and how hungry you feel. Record and why you eat, for example, because you are providing food, meal was so undesirable delay carrying out an activity or were upset. Eating for comfort sensation may be satisfactory in the short term, but if you are really depressed or unhappy with your situation, the act of eating will aggravate the problem. It would be better to seek medical help.

4. Lack Of Self-Esteem

If you have little confidence in yourself, for whatever reason, subconsciously you think that your body is not worthy of respect, you deserve to feel fat and unattractive because no one, even you are not consider yourself worth something . If you allow to fattened yourself, most likely you will not feel better and you’ll despise yourself more because you’re not able to control what you eat.

5. Bad Food Habits

How and when you eat can be part of your problem, especially if you have set meal times. When out with friends you feel obliged to eat and drink more than they should? When you do not have time to dine hastily eat a chocolate bar or quick snacks? Eat when you have nothing else to do or feel stressed? Complete your child’s food remaining on the plate? Food diary will help you identify these habits.

6. Genetic Factors

If your parents are overweight may have inherited this tendency (though this is the rare case). It may be difficult to distinguish if you inherited bad habits or if you own an actual predisposition to store fat. In any case, you must not accept overweight as a way of life.

7. Women And Alcohol

It can be difficult to resist social pressures to drink; to consume too much alcohol too often can lead to weight gain. However, a moderate amount of alcohol consumed with meals as part of a sensible diet plan can be beneficial to health.


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