7 Reasons Crossfit Is Great For Addiction Recovery

7 Reasons Crossfit Is Great For Addiction Recovery

You can use Crossfit to fight your addiction and get back to a healthy, normal lifestyle. Here are the benefits of practicing Crossfit for addiction recovery.

Exercise has a seemingly endless amount of benefits for recovering addicts, and because of this, exercise programs are usually a staple in alcohol and drug rehab programs.

However, Crossfit has some benefits that other exercise programs do not.

The Benefits Of Crossfit For Addiction Recovery

Here are seven reasons why Crossfit is great for people in addiction recovery:

1. It’s A Great Way To Improve Your Health

Addiction treatment is all about making lifestyle changes that improve your health. And creating an exercise routine is a great step in the right direction towards this goal.

For this reason, physical exercise is often heavily incorporated into alcohol and drug rehab programs.

Crossfit is a very rigorous exercise program, so you are sure to see improvements in your strength, stamina, and overall fitness when you follow their instructions.

Along with helping to improve general health while getting you into shape, making this healthy lifestyle change may open up some new opportunities that you might have previously thought were impossible.

For example, your new-found fitness could open up new career opportunities like firefighting or police work.

You might also decide to take your exercise goals even further down the road as well by doing things like running a marathon or entering a race.

2. You Get A Natural High

It is normal for the brain to have trouble with releasing necessary hormones and endorphins naturally after experiencing dependency on an addictive substance.

Therefore, many recovering addicts benefit from activities that boost this brain function. One of the best methods for this is physical activity, and Crossfit is a great way to do this.

This natural high from physical exercise turns out to be more healing than you might think.

Crossfit Can Help You Manage Withdrawal Symptoms

3. It Can Help You Manage Withdrawal Symptoms

Frequent exercise has numerous benefits when it comes to managing troublesome withdrawal symptoms. Specific types of exercise have been shown to target certain signs of withdrawal.

For example, high-intensity aerobic exercise promotes the release of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. This helps with managing symptoms of depression, unstable mood, and anxiety while also reducing stress.

In addition, weight lifting helps with reducing insomnia.

Crossfit includes both of these workout types, so this may be an excellent choice for those undergoing an alcohol or drug detox in Austin, New York, or whatever your hometown is.

However, you should always check with a healthcare professional before starting intensive exercise.

4. It Provides A Healthy Distraction

It is common to need a distraction during addiction recovery, and many addiction professionals suggest starting new hobbies as a result.

As it turns out, starting a daily exercise routine provides an excellent distraction from addiction cravings, triggers, and withdrawal symptoms.

Crossfit can be a particularly demanding exercise program, so you will most likely need to dedicate some time to it most days.

This distraction might also be just the motivation that you need to keep up the great work with your addiction treatment and prevent the occurrence of a relapse.

5. You Can Set More Goals

Setting goals for yourself is an important part of self-improvement. Although addiction recovery provides a great set of goals, it may be refreshing to have additional aspirations as well.

As mentioned before, Crossfit is an exercise program that requires a lot of dedication, so it gives you the opportunity to set numerous goals for yourself.

Having workout aspirations can help with improving motivation, self-esteem, and general mood.

Crossfit Classes Are Great For Socialization

6. It Can Be Good For Socialization

Although you do have the option to do Crossfit on your own from home, there are many classes available. Joining a class gives you the opportunity to meet people with similar goals and interests, which is great for socialization.

Making new friends not only improves your social life, but it also can help to reduce the chances of a relapse by adding more distractions from addiction cravings and triggers.

It can also contribute to getting out there more as well, which often improves motivation, mood, and productivity.

7. It Can Help You With Building Your Daily Routine

Having a daily routine helps with starting healthy lifestyle habits, getting productive, and, possibly most importantly, it prevents boredom.

Boredom is a common trigger for many recovering addicts, so a daily routine is very important for preventing a relapse.

Crossfit is an exercise program that encourages a workout routine that is done most days out of the week. Therefore, it is great for building a daily routine, especially if you have been having some trouble with it.


Crossfit is an excellent exercise program for those in addiction treatment and recovery for numerous reasons.

  • First of all, it is a great lifestyle change when working on improving your health, because it emits a natural high while getting you into shape.
  • It also helps recovering addicts by providing a healthy distraction from addiction cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and triggers.
  • Certain exercises can even reduce the intensity of specific signs of withdrawal.
  • Doing Crossfit has the benefit of aiding with building a daily routine and allowing for more opportunities to set healthy goals.
  • You might even make a friend or two along the way!

As you can see, a recovering addict can really benefit from trying out Crossfit. So don’t exclude this activity from your addiction treatment program.

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