How Creating A Fitness Blog Can Help You Get And Stay Fit

How Creating A Fitness Blog Can Help You Get And Stay Fit

When it comes to fitness we think about diet, exercise, and even mental and spiritual health. And all these thoughts transformed into a fitness blog is the absolute motivation you need.

There are a number of ways to achieve personal fitness, and usually, a well-rounded approach is the best, but there are often things we do not think about.

One of them is creating a fitness blog. A blog can actually help you keep fit. It may not seem like sitting in front of the computer and typing is a good way to work out, but there are ways blogging can actually help keep you fit.

Of course, to get things going, you will have to purchase a domain name, get a blog host, and choose a theme or design. This is all very important to how users will perceive your fitness blog.

A Fitness Blog Synthesis

Here’s my personal perception about creating a fitness blog; what it should contain and what it should represent. Hopefully, you’re on the same page with me 🙂

1. You Are What You Eat

Fitness Blog Tips - Eat Healthy

Fitness and weight loss are 80% of what you eat, and only 20% of what you do in the gym. (1)

This means that your diet is vital, and your caloric intake is only a small part of it. Your ratio of fat, carbs, and protein all make a difference in your metabolism and weight loss goals.

Recording this in a public way makes it easy to look back on, keep track of, and get advice from others who may have more knowledge than you do.

Also, your record can be an inspiration to others. The diet you follow may be just what someone else needs.

This also leaves you an opportunity to experiment. If one diet does not work for you, another one might.

How do you know if and how it is working? By the record you keep. A mood journal helps as well.

How does the food make you feel? Are you tired, or do you have more energy or less?

Perhaps others in the fitness blog community you have created may have experienced similar things and will share them with you.

Or you can save them from making some of the mistakes you are experiencing.

2. Your Workout Matters Too

Fitness Blog Tips - Work Out

Your record of what you are doing in the gym matters too. Your fitness blog can be a great place to share that information.

As with your diet, your workouts can be an inspiration to others, and it is easy for you to look back and see how you have been progressing.

It can also be easy to see points where you start to plateau and grow bored.

Your fitness blog gives you an audience to draw from, a place to find and share alternate workouts to accomplish the same results.

You can also share alternate exercises in the case of injury or other challenges you may face.

Trying new workouts is similar to experimenting with diet. Some ideas will work better than others, and some will work for your body type and goals while others will not.

Sharing this with your readers can, like your diet, either save them from your mistakes or encourage them to share their experiences with you.

No one is exactly the same, and no single solution will work for everyone. But your readers can learn from you, as you can learn from them.

3. It Takes A Village

Creating A Fitness Blog To Stay Fit

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to build an effective fitness plan and execute it.

The reason is that no one single person has enough knowledge to do it all on their own.

More and more personal trainers, exercise and diet plans, and the combination of the two in ebooks and programs appeared online. That’s because people need help to find and execute new ideas.

Fitness is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and with the internet, “the village” is the world now. (2)

Advice, not just from those in your gym or your town, but from experts everywhere is literally at your fingertips.

With the right blog audience and community, it is at the fingertips of your readers as well.

This community mentality can benefit everyone’s fitness and health. Joining knowledge, encouragement, and accountability can make fitness goals that seem impossible attainable.

The truth is, no matter what your level of fitness or where you want to go, blogging can help you get and keep fit.

4. Staying Accountable

Fitness Blog Tips - Be Accountable

The village mentality, the community help with one of the most important parts about fitness is being accountable.

Having a community who will tell you to put down the donut, stay away from the cake, and keep going to the gym, even when you don’t feel like it is an invaluable resource.

However, this resource is about more than just your fitness. The community you build keeps each other accountable as well.

Not only are you changing your own life, and your own fitness, but you can change the life and fitness of others.

Most of the time, we don’t think of blogging as a tool to keep fit, but it can be. Recording your diet, exercise, developing a community, and staying accountable can all be valuable ways to use a fitness blog to stay fit.

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