How To Create A Diet For A Tennis Player

How To Create A Diet For A Tennis Player

Our diets differ depending on the sport we practice and the energy we consume. So let’s see what a diet for a tennis player is made of.

If you’re one to start your morning with a jog, you will have figured out by now that you need to time your breakfast well.

Having a hearty English breakfast an hour before going out for a run isn’t going to do you any favors. As delicious as those crispy bacon strips and tasty hash-browns may be, they are going to sit heavy in your stomach and will become a cause for stomach cramps or worse.

Jogging on an empty stomach, however, isn’t advisable either – you need some form of sustenance to give you the energy to keep going.

A light snack such as a banana and some nuts an hour or even half an hour before you head out will do the trick. These foods will give you the energy needed to endure without weighing you down.

If you’re already having to plan your meals properly for your once-daily-jog, imagine what it’s like for a tennis player who trains daily in preparation of weekend tournaments.

Discipline and planning are key to a healthy diet for a tennis player. And, while it may not be easy to resist popping into your local fish and chips shop on the way home after a match, this form of dietary discipline will go a long way in helping you succeed in the game.

If you are a parent trying to train your child to become a pro player they will need a specific diet. Here are some tips on how to create a diet for a tennis player.

What Should Consist A Diet For A Tennis Player

Here are some healthy meals that should be included in any tennis player’s diet:


While breakfast should make up the most important meal of the day for everyone, it is especially important for tennis players.

The main focus for breakfast should be on complex carbohydrates and small amounts of protein.

A bowl of oatmeal with low-calorie fruits and a few tablespoons of yogurt makes for breakfast for tennis kings.

These complex carbs will provide players with the energy needed to endure the match and should be eaten at least two hours before training or a match, to allow your body enough time to digest.

Not giving yourself the time needed for the body to digest, could result in intestinal cramping and that’s the last thing you’ll want to have to deal with while out on the court.

Plan ahead by preparing overnight oats the night before, so all you have to do in the mornings is add your preferred topping and you’re good to go.

Throughout the Day

A diet for a tennis player should be made up of vitamin and zinc-rich foods such as carrots, pumpkin seeds, beans, nuts, and whole grains.

Delicious veggie wraps filled with organic veggies, nuts, and bean burgers make for the perfect lunch meal and can be prepared ahead of time.

Fish such as sardines, anchovies, and salmon are natural sources for DMAE, a real brain food that will keep you sharp during important matches.

A lunch consisting of wholegrain bread, salmon, hard-boiled eggs, and avocado will give you the right boost to keep you going throughout the day. And it will keep you light in your step ahead of the evening’s training session.

Match Snacks

Many pro players now prefer organic foods to snack on during matches, as opposed to loading up on packaged energy gels.

Pro players like Vasek Pospisil swear by bananas and nuts as the ultimate match snack, as these provide quick energy boosts.

Water should be consumed regularly during matches – even if the player doesn’t actually feel thirsty.

For an extra kick of potassium and electrolytes, coconut water has become the favored drink during matches.

Post-Match Meals

Now that you’ve pumped out so much energy, it’s time to refuel! Allow your body to cool down for at least two hours after the match and then load up your plate with lean proteins, complex carbs, and veggies.

One of the best post-match meals consists of chicken breast with pasta, pepper sauce, and a side of tomato, basil, and mozzarella salad garnished with garlic. Yum!

Now, this is just a pinch of what it really feels to eat like a tennis player. But if you add these foods to your diet, you can build a strong path towards becoming a tennis player.

Who knows, maybe in a future article I’m gonna write about how you’ve created your personal diet for a tennis player. *wink-wink*

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