How To Select The Right Collagen Supplement?

How To Select The Right Collagen Supplement?

Knowing that there are 28 different types of collagen can get anyone confused. So here’s how to choose the right collagen supplement for you.

This protein is the second most plentiful substance in our body right after water. It’s not unusual that you would need collagen supplements even if the body produces it.

That’s because once you hit the age of 25, the body begins to produce less and less collagen. By 40, it produces 25% less and by 60, it would have decreased by over 50%.

Collagen is a busy protein giving us a more youthful look by improving and strengthening our skin, hair, nails, and bones, among many other benefits for different internal organs.

Types Of Collagen Supplements

Before choosing a collagen supplement, you need to know a little bit more about it.

Since we’re not going to cover all the twenty-eight different types, we’ll focus briefly on three types of them since the majority of collagen is classified under them.

Type 1

This is the most abundant one, and some studies state that 90% of collagen within us is of this type. It’s the strongest type of collagen and helps our skin, hair, nails, and bones.

Type 2

Body joints are dependent on this type and it helps to build cartilage.

Type 3

This type is more sensitive and found in tissues around the liver, in the bone marrow and in the lymph, and forms certain fibers in organs and skin and helps your circulatory system.

So if you have stiff knees or a bad lower back, for example, type 2 would be more beneficial for you than the other types.

Knowing these three types should begin to help in choosing the right collagen for you.

But because collagen is so helpful to our physical well-being, it’s possible to take more than one type because they’re all the same type of protein.

Choosing The Right Collagen Supplement

Here are three other factors to look for when deciding which collagen supplement suits you:

1. Source

Collagen is extracted from cows, chicken or fish. The ratio and concentration of amino acids may vary, but the collagen is the same; the healthier the animal, the better the collagen.

2. Form

A good powder form should be colorless, tasteless, and odorless when added to water. That’s why people put this type in beverages or in the food while they’re cooking.

Tablets can often be big, so you might want to stick to powder or liquid form if swallowing tablet is difficult for you.

Liquids can either come in mini bottles or larger ones. You’ll find written on products hydrolyzed collagen or peptides. These are easier to digest.

3. Dosage

How Much Collagen Should You Have Daily

How Much Collagen Should You Have Daily?

It’s safe to start at 5 grams and go up to 30 grams per day. Some products might recommend several tablets per day, and it depends what you’re taking it for.

Collagen supplements have numerous benefits with very little, if any, side effects. They will help decrease or lessen aging factors in body organs you see and don’t see. And are safe for almost any adult to take.

It’s an indisputable supplement that has major benefits, and you can’t go wrong with it.

Still, selecting the right collagen supplement will bring out the desired results as not all are created equal. Choose which fits you best to bring out that beautiful, younger skin.

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