Candied Orange Peel Recipe For Holiday Sweets

Candied Orange Peel Recipe For Holiday Sweets

A perfect topping for crackers, a special stuffing chocolates and cookies or an amazing cake decoration.

I like candied fruits , especially ones we sometimes find in the good cakes and several types of expensive  chocolate. I especially like candied orange peel , because I find the best combination with the dark chocolate. And because not often you find to buy them ready-made, and not a mixture of dyes and too much sugar , I decided to do them myself.

You can use them on almost anything over a meringue and lemon tart , cake batter , muffins or cakes, over yogurt or ice cream, in cocktails and creams.

The worst part is that their preparation at home , take a lot of time , and you can not always rely on some really good citrus ( many times I came across orange color which simply wiping hands ) . If you have plenty of time and oranges :), candied orange peel is a “must” for the holiday sweets.

Candied Orange Peel Recipe


  • peel from 4 oranges;
  • 380g sugar;
  • 180ml liquid glucose.


1. Clean orange peel and bitter white part .

2. Put them in cold water and leave them in the refrigerator 24 hours , changing the water 3-4 times . Put orange peel to boil with 250ml cold water and let it boil . Strain and repeat this step 3 times.

3. Mix in a saucepan with 800ml water and add sugar, liquid glucose and orange peel prepared earlier. Put it on the fire and let it simmer on low heat for 15-20 minutes , until the liquid thickens and becomes translucent shells .

4. Take off the heat and let it cools down . Remove shells , cut them into thin strips and put them back into syrup. You keep thus candied peels in a jar with lid tightly closed in a refrigerator , quite a few days. If you want to use them only as decoration , remove them and they wallow in sugar, then let them dry on a rack .

Instead of orange peel can be used for any other citrus peel (lemon, grapefruit).

Candied orange peel recipe

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