Top 6 Foods That Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Top 6 Foods That Boost Your Testosterone Levels

We all want to increase our testosterone and a lot of men turn to synthetic methods of doing it, like pro hormones, hormone replacement therapy, testosterone patches and creams and even steroid injections. These are synthetic methods that introduce exogenous testosterone into your system.

Foods That Boost Your Testosterone

There are more natural ways to naturally boost your testosterone, so I’m gonna list six of them for you:

1. Mediterranean Diet Foods

Mediterranean Diet is the best diet to boost your testosterone and your erection strings. It consists of nuts, greens, fruits, extra virgin olive oil, red wine, fats and vegetables. It also has healthy fats, like polyunsaturated fat and mono-saturated fat, which are both correlated with high levels of testosterone.

It also includes side benefits like decreasing the risk of cancer and heart conditions.

2. Garlic

The second thing you can do to boost your testosterone is to increase the amount of garlic in your diet. Garlic contains a chemical called Diallyldisulfide which increases testosterone levels.

3. Beans

Third thing you can do is to eat more beans, which are high in zinc content and this is correlated with high testosterone and low estrogen. The reason for this is that zinc inhibits aromatase, which is an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen.

Eating more zinc, you can prevent this conversion from happening and boost your testosterone while decreasing the amount of estrogen in your blood.

4. Vitamin A

Boost your testosterone levels with Vitamin A, which you can get from foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, cantaloupe and eggs.

5. Beef

Beef has many components that positively impact testosterone, like zinc, saturated fat, iron, protein and magnesium. But with beef you have to be carefully, not to exceed your cholesterol limit.

6. Vitamin D

You can find Vitamin D naturally in sources such as mushrooms, salmon and milk.

In order to boost your testosterone levels you should follow the Mediterranean Diet, eat more garlic, beans, beaf and get more Vitamin A and D. Stay fit!

Boost Your Testosterone Levels

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