Did You Know These Bizarre Nutrition Rules?

Did You Know These Bizarre Nutrition Rules?

Bizarre Nutrition Rules

Eat fruits and vegetables, do not skip breakfast and pay attention to portions size. These are the basics of a healthy diet and every nutritionist will tell you. There are, however, some bizarre nutrition rules that not many people knows, that provide to the body necessary nutrient intake, stimulates calorie burning and weight loss. Here are the rules of nutrition that you did not know. And remember: the key to a healthy diet consists of choosing those who correspond to your lifestyle. Test them and see which fits you.

1. Do Not Eat Just Fruits

Choose to eat an apple as a snack for lunch to satiate your hunger. Wise choice. But do not expect a fruit smoothie or a bowl of watermelon to be enough to replace a meal. Fruits contain carbohydrates, which means they will increase blood sugar levels and then decrease rapidly, and by no time you will find that you are hungry and you will feel very tired. If you want to eat fruits at one of the meals to keep you hungry, then combine them with protein and healthy fats, both of which will slow digestion and will keep sugar levels balanced.

2. Whole Grains Are Not Always The Best Choice

Wholegrain products are a healthy alternative to the white flour, because cereals reduce the risk of heart disease and maintain a feeling of fullness for a long time. A study by the Harvard School of Public Health shows, however, that many of the products marketed as rich in whole grains contain more sugar and more calories than the simple version. You should provide the necessary input from trusted sources such as quinoa, brown rice and unsweetened oatmeal porridge. Choose products which specify on the label that contain at least 3 grams of fiber, but no more than 6 grams of sugar and 100 calories per serving.

3. Sometimes It Is Better To Avoid Fresh Products

The more a product is kept fresh longer, the more the nutrients will lose. If fruits and vegetables are brought from other country, that means spending a long period in boxes being collected and when they reach the supermarket will already be low in nutrients. Frozen fruits and vegetables are in this case a worth alternative. Fruits are frozen immediately after being picked, which means it retains a great deal of nutritional value.

4. Choose A High-Fat Dressing

Yes, you read very well. The study by Purdue University shows that the body needs fat to absorb vitamins and nutrients from the salad. Choose a dressing based on olive oil, so you will also provide necessary intake of healthy fats, but do not forget that portion size still counts, so do not put more than 2 tsp.

Bizarre Nutrition Rules

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