Did You Know These Bizarre Nutrition Rules?

Did You Know These Bizarre Nutrition Rules?

5. Eat Dessert For Breakfast

Are you an avid of sweets? Well this advice you will undoubtedly like. You can be sure that you’ll not eat more than you should for breakfast and in addition, you will satisfy your sweets craving. This will keep you away from food cravings that will draw you in trap during the day, when the danger to eat more than you should is high. You don’t need to exaggerate, but a delicious dessert after a breakfast rich in protein and healthy carbohydrates as eggs is enough.

6. Cook Pasta Al Dente

As the cooking process is shorter, the better it will be for digestion. You have to chew better pasta, which stimulates digestive enzymes. Moreover, studies show that the pasta al dente stabilizes blood sugar levels, which will significantly reduce cravings.

7. Spice The Preparations

Avoid heavy sauces and high-sugar additions and the solution to enjoy a deliciously meal every time is to add spices such as cinnamon, garlic, and cayenne pepper. In this way you will not only get a tasty, but healthy benefit. These spices stimulate metabolism and health because are rich in antioxidants, which are beneficial for blood pressure and immune system. Moreover, you will feel full faster.

8. Drink More Coffee

Tea is a healthy drink because it is rich in antioxidants. But coffee contains compounds that reduce the risk of diabetes. Moreover, some studies show that caffeine gives you energy needed for a short morning fitness routine.

9. Starve Yourself

You can find this advice frequently on the list of the mistakes to avoid if you want a healthy diet and you did not expect at all to be found in an article that talks about the rules of proper food. But it is a good tip as possible. You have been told and read in all the magazines that it is recommended to eat more often to reduce cravings, but experts say preventive eating might actually lead to overeating. Going on the principle of five meals a day, people get to eat more than they need just because it has to and the calories add up.

So try a trick: expect until you’ll be really hungry for lunch, which will probably occur in less than four hours after having breakfast. In this way you will figure out how much food your body needs for breakfast.

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