Biking Benefits When You Put The Pedal To The Pavement

Biking is one of the fastest growing forms of exercise around – with the increasing numbers of bike-friendly communities and cities, more individuals are taking to the streets via two wheels instead of four. And while it’s fantastic for the environment, it’s great for your body as well!

To demonstrate just how beneficial bicycling can be, here is a graphic entitled “Put the Pedal to the Pavement: Your Body While Biking”, covering the many benefits you reap when jumping on your bicycle for a spin. 

Biking Benefits

Biking is one of the lowest impact exercises around, which means you get a fantastic workout without stressing your joints.  Cycling can also help increase your energy, decrease fatigue, and even help your body naturally release dopamine – a neuro-transmitter responsible for feeling good.

This graphic covers some of the other amazing ways biking helps your body – from protecting your heart and burning calories, to improving mental alertness and adding years to your life.

This graphic covers which muscle groups biking targets – down to the exact muscles you’re working with each turn of the pedal. While biking is fantastic for a cardiovascular and lower body work out (check out those muscle groups!), it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough upper body exercise as well.

You’ll find a complete rundown of complimentary exercises to help work the muscles that cyclists typically work on outside of their time on their bikes. Building upper body strength is important to keeping your entire body fit – on and off cycling season. From planks and dead lifts to squats and the ever-loved burpees, this graphic has some great suggestions for getting your upper body some great exercise to help you stay fit.

“Put the Pedal to the Pavement: Your Body While Biking” Infographic (Click here)

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Biking Burns Calories

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