The Best Natural Supplement I Use To Battle My Hangovers

The Best Natural Supplement I Use To Battle My Hangovers

With every drinking bout comes the consequences: hangovers. But you can make them forgotten with this natural hangover supplement.

Those morning-afters, when you wake up with a huge headache, stomach ache, or feelings of nausea, can cripple an entire day, and leave you feeling wiped for hours on end. And they’ll make you wish you never even drank in the first place.

Every now and again, we’ll hear about a hangover “cure” that promises to take the pain away. Sometimes they’re more bizarre, and other times they don’t seem very effective at all. But are any of these actually healthy?

What Actually Causes The Hangover?

We wanted a hangover aid that abided by shared nutritional values and didn’t rely on lab-produced chemicals to get the job done. So instead of making the body feel worse, it would feel re-energized and refreshed.

But in order to do that, it’d have to actually target the problem areas that cause a hangover in the first place:


The big one is toxins. When alcohol is produced through fermentation, it carries along byproducts that take the form of toxins, like acetaldehydes.

Darker alcohols, like whiskeys or stouts, have more congeners, which is the term used for these substances. So when you drink, you’re essentially ingesting toxins into your body, which then attack the liver.

This, in turn, hinders the central nervous system — thus, the tipsy feeling. And that hangover is the feeling of your body recovering that attack. Ouch, right?


In addition to liver problems, your body is wholly dehydrated after drinking. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that you flush out more water than you’re supposed to when you drink.

Without water, your body suffers from a lack of electrolytes or energy. It can provide some of those symptoms you’re familiar with: migraines, dizziness, etc.

So any natural supplement for hangovers would have to address these issues head-on. That’s when we came across OverEZ.

OverEZ Natural Hangover Supplement

The Best Hangover Supplement

OverEZ is a natural supplement from the EZ Lifestyle team, which also makes supplements for daytime energy, and sleeping.

To us, it checked all the boxes we were looking for:

  • It is made with only organic and pure ingredients.
  • It isn’t made in a lab.
  • The company is completely transparent in how it’s created.
  • And it focuses on protecting the liver and rejuvenating the body after.

So how does it do that? In three phrases:

1. Preparing The Liver’s Defence

The first involves building the liver’s defenses up beforehand — the supplement itself is taken before drinking, or at the very start, so you get a head’s start on tackling the hangover.

That’s done with L-Cysteine, a key amino acid that battles toxins, as well as zinc, milk thistle, chicory root, and others. All sustainably sourced, vegan, organic, and scientifically proven to help.

2. Eliminating The Toxins

Those very same ingredients take part in the second phase, which is full-on toxin elimination.

As you’re drinking alcohol, the supplement works on metabolizing the alcohol faster, so you can more seamlessly get the toxins out of your system. This lessens the chance of feeling that damage the next day.

3. Rejuvenating The Entire Body

And finally, the last phase: complete rejuvenation. A heavy dose of vitamin B is supplied, so your body not only recovers from the hangover but is left off with even more energy than before.

So this is the best hangover supplement that hits all the right places: the lead-up to the hangover, the hangover itself, and after the hangover. Which is what you’d want.

Once we started taking this hangover supplement, those few glasses of wine at night haven’t carried the same weight as they used to. Because it’s also healthy to relax every once a while — but you should be able to do that, without the consequences.

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