The Best Fitbit Alternatives That Actually Work

The Best Fitbit Alternatives That Actually Work

Think about getting a new fitness tracker and the only one you know is Fitbit? Here are eight Fitbit alternatives that really do the job.

Fitbit, the wireless activity wristband has been immensely popular among fitness enthusiasts. It has been seen as one of the most accurate activity trackers.

However, thanks to the growing competition, Fitbit is witnessing many competitors in the market such as the Xiaomi MI band, Misfit, Apple Watch, Samsung Gear Fit, and more.

As these devices do not come cheap, it is essential to make the right choices and get the best value for money. You can always avail of no credit check payday loans to lay hands on that activity tracker you have always wanted.

Today, there is a sheer amount of options available for those looking for a good activity tracker.

Getting back in shape doesn’t need to be expensive, and there is no need to blow away all your cash on an expensive fitness device.

Top 8 Fitbit Alternatives

Here are some of the best possible alternatives for Fitbit:

1. Garmin Vivofit 3

Garmin brand is less expensive, and the activity tracker boasts of impressive one-year battery life.

The Garmin Vivofit 3 can upload the health stats to your phone. The handy piece of fitness tech can even auto-detect your current activity.

2. Huawei Band 3 Pro

Another Fitbit alternative that needs mention is Huawei Band 3 Pro. It looks great and boasts of an impressive battery life.

Looking at its lower price, it is no wonder to see the Band 3 Pro already a favorite among fitness enthusiasts.

Its waterproof design with GPS onboard and accurate heart rate tracker, plus other features, makes it a good choice.

3. Withings Activite Pop

Withings Activite Pop is indeed super-stylish that carries the classic watch aesthetics. It tracks the fitness as well as the time.

Its sensor even tracks sleep quality and uploads the data to the synced device via the Health Mate app.

If you are looking for a useful and practical fitness tracker, this tracker is a great option.

4. Samsung Galaxy Fit

Samsung Galaxy Fit is the company’s attempt to make affordable fitness trackers. And it’s a truly great Fitbit alternative.

The trackers boast of a water-resistant design, longer battery life, along with activity tracking.

Make the most out of the fitness tracker that collects data on the heart rate monitor and offers a range of other features.

5. Amazfit Bip

Amazfit Bip is a low-cost fitness tracker minus all those bells and whistles. The no-frills sports watch design comes with a customizable face and smart connectivity.

The smartwatch is equipped with a heart rate monitor and is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Its dustproof and water-resistant case and impressive battery life make it more attractive to the buyers.

6. Omron Alvita

The handy device looks simpler than a classic pedometer and does a lot more than simply keep track of your footsteps.

You can track distance, calories burned, and can even adjust your stride length based on your height and weight or BMI.

It is a great option to look at for those who are looking for a simple fitness tracker.

7. Wahoo Tickr

Another great Fitbit alternative is the Wahoo Tickr that can be connected to any Android phone or Bluetooth-capable iOS device.

Track your heartbeat, and the fitness tracker is well-matched with countless fitness apps. You can also sync it with other GPS-enabled smartwatches.

8. Amazfit Moonbeam

You will love this sleek looking activity tracker that comes with a simple rubber wristband.

It displays all the essential health metrics scum as the sleep quality, calories burned and distance traveled.

You can sync it with iOS and Android devices and get alarm alerts via vibration. It is indeed one of the smallest and lightest Fitbit alternatives.

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