How To Get The Best Out Of Your At-Home Fitness Routine

How To Get The Best Out Of Your At-Home Fitness Routine

Some people need a gym to go to in order to work up the motivation to work out. Others can get by with a simple, at-home fitness routine. It all comes down to motivation, and motivation is fuelled by goals.

If you’ve found that working out at home suits you best and is the most time-effective solution for you, then it’s time to jump those motivation hurdles and get into a regular and dynamic home workout routine!

At-Home Fitness Tips

These tips will help you create the best home gym environment for you and get the most out of your at-home fitness routine:

1. Set A Schedule And Stick To It!

No matter where you are working out, it’s important to have a schedule. This applies even more so when you begin working out at home because you have people vying for your time and presence.

While you’re in the middle of a workout in the garage, there’s nothing to stop your child from coming to visit you and interrupting a set. This is not likely to happen if you’re at a fitness center.

So it’s important to set a schedule, book yourself out (or into the home gym) and put a big ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door so that you can take that 45 minutes or so out your day for yourself and working towards your goals.

2. Get The Right Gear

A lot of people get excited about the idea of a home gym and go out and buy everything in sight thinking it’s going to be enough to miraculously make them fit.

The reality is that while most of that stuff sits in the garage gathering dust, you only need the basics to get a great workout at home.

So don’t worry about the lat pulldown machine that has a leg extension thing connected to it – they are big and bulky and take up a whole lot of space. Get the gym equipment that is best going to serve your needs.

So first, you need to know what your needs are. Are you building muscle, stripping fat, improving cardiovascular, or all of the above? What are you training for and how hard are you going to be training?

3. Start Small

If you are just building your home gym, then all you need to begin are the absolute basics:

  • An Olympic bar can be used for a number of great exercises that will build strength and torch fat.
  • If you have room for a squat rack, that will help you load up some weight on your squats. But you can always just use the bar and do overhead squats.
  • Kettlebells are great for a few exercises and can be used for lunges, so it’s worth getting two to three sets of kettlebells in increasing weights.
  • Dumbells are also a staple, but you don’t need a whole rack to start off with. Just three to four sets at a manageable-to-heavy weight will keep you going for a while until you’re strong enough, and have replenished your savings account, to move up a weight.
  • A chin up and dip bar can also be a great addition to your home gym.

Those will have you set and smashing through amazing workouts in the privacy, comfort, and accessibility of your own home in no time.

4. Know Your Limits

Battle ropes are a great workout tool. But if you are still struggling to do a few pushups, then maybe you need to rein it in a bit and start with the basics, not that they are ever mastered.

The basic movements are also the ones that are going to reap the most rewards. What you want to be doing is squatting, doing push-ups and bench presses, chin-ups and dips, lunges and deadlifts.

If you tackle all of these movements in one way or another, then you will be set on your path to achieving your fitness goals.

So set aside some time and space, grab a few heavy things, and start lifting them!

You don’t need a complete equipped gym to get in shape. Just follow these at-home fitness tips and you’ll be just fine (and fit) in the comfort of your own home.

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