Acupuncture – The Key To Restoring Your Health

Acupuncture – The Key To Restoring Your Health

For centuries, acupuncture has been used as a treatment for the many ailments we can suffer from. Here’s how it helps restore your health.

What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the word “acupuncture”? Most likely needles!

This ancient Chinese healing technique does use needles, but other treatments are also used to supplement acupuncture.

Acupuncture clinics can be found in most cities around the world. So if you’re looking for acupuncture in Brighton or any other city, make sure to book your appointment with an accredited acupuncturist that is passionate about restoring your health.

Let’s find out how acupuncture works and why it’s the key to restoring your health.

5 Facts About Acupuncture For Restoring Your Health

The principle of acupuncture focuses on restoring your flow of energy. This is known as your Qi. When the body’s Qi is blocked, you’ll experience pain or develop illnesses or diseases.

By inserting fine needles into certain points of your body, also known as meridians, acupuncturists are restoring your energy flow.

If you’re wondering how needles can make you feel better (when they actually sound painful), read on to discover some fascinating facts about acupuncture.

1. It’s All About Restoring The Balance Of Yin And Yang

Chinese philosophy talks about the yin and yang of your body. These two forces represent the female (yin) and male (yang) sides of your body. When these two forces are imbalanced, physical disease or illness manifests in your body.

When the yin and yang are imbalanced, they obstruct the flow of Qi, the life force moving through your body. Acupuncture was developed to bring this balance back and to restore the life force.

2. Qi Flows Through Meridian Points

How many times have you looked at a body covered with seemingly hundreds of needles and wondered how they work?

Acupuncturists understand that the flow of energy moves through many meridian points. These points focus on certain parts or organs of your body.

The 12 standard meridian points are divided into the yin and yang groups. Each point identified is associated with an organ:

  • By using points on the arm, healing is focused on the lung, heart, and intestines.
  • The leg points are associated with the spleen, kidney, liver, gall bladder, and stomach.
  • Other multiple meridians are used to release further energy sources.

3. Getting To Grips With The Needles

The mere thought of needles will have most people recoiling in horror.

The needles used in acupuncture treatment are ultra-fine and sterile. Most times you won’t even feel them being inserted.

They are placed in meridian points depending on the type of healing your body needs. These needles are inserted at various depths and up to 20 needles may be used.

Your acupuncturist may manipulate the needles by twisting them.

Heat or gentle electrical pulses could also be applied to aid the treatment process.

While this may all sound painful, most times it isn’t. You could experience a slight tingling sensation or absolutely nothing at all.

The acupuncture needles are removed after 10 to 20 minutes. Once again, a little discomfort is felt.

4. The Benefits Of Acupuncture In Restoring Your Health

The principles of acupuncture focus on holistic healing. You may be having treatment for one illness only to discover that other health problems are healed at the same time.

By restoring Qi in your body, you will start to feel a greater sense of wellbeing.

Acupuncture treatments can be used for a number of illnesses and body pains. Some of these include:

  • Alleviating back and neck pain;
  • Ridding of headaches and migraines;
  • Easing pain associated with osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Lowering high blood pressure and reducing risks of a stroke;
  • Aiding in reducing side effects associated with chemotherapy e.g. nausea and vomiting;
  • Relieving anxiety and depression;
  • Improving fertility and ensuring a healthy pregnancy.

5. Acupuncture Is Safe When Done Properly

With so many stories going around about unsafe use of needles, it’s only natural to feel some concern about acupuncture needle treatment. It’s absolutely essential you use only licensed practitioners.

Most countries have regulatory boards and stipulate completion of tertiary qualifications which include a high number of hours of clinical observations.

Ongoing professional development is important to keep up with the latest developments. And acupuncturists have to meet strict codes of conduct to keep their clinics safe and ethical.

Always check the practitioner’s credentials and certifications. Ask for recommendations from either your doctor or trusted friends and family.

Your risks are low when you’re using a certified and experienced acupuncturist.

If you’ve been battling to restore your health after suffering from aches and pains or illness, acupuncture could be your solution.

By restoring the natural flow of energy in your body, you’ll be allowing your whole body to heal gently.

Acupuncture works on the premise that your body knows what it needs to do to heal. It just needs some help along the way.

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