How To Get Rid Of Painful Migraines With Acupressure

Acupressure Points To Get Rid Of Painful Migraines

There’s no kind of headache that you could have to contend with that would ever be worse than a migraine. And there’s no easier way to get rid of painful migraines than through acupressure.

Migraines are incredibly disruptive, ridiculously painful, and have the unpleasant distinction of popping up almost completely out of nowhere – staying well past their welcome – and being next to impossible to get rid of with more traditional headache remedies.

Thankfully though, dealing with painful migraines with a more nontraditional approach like acupressure (similar to acupuncture) has proven to be wildly effective at getting rid of these awful nightmare headaches completely.

Acupressure Points That Eliminate Painful Migraines

Below you’ll find a quick list of pressure points you’re going to want to focus on while applying acupressure. This will help you alleviate your migraines in just a few moments after you have begun to feel the migraine symptoms setting in.

All it takes is a little bit of massage pressure on each of these individual points for between 30 seconds and 60 seconds at a time to eliminate the migraines completely.

Let’s dive right in!

1. YinTang Point

Yin Tang Pressure Point

This pressure point is sometimes referred to as the “third eye”, and is located just between your eyebrows and right above the bridge of your nose.

If you’re looking to use this acupressure point to alleviate your headache and your migraine, use circular pressure for about 30 seconds and you should be good to go.

2. Zan Zhu Points

Zan Zhu Pressure Point

These pressure points are both located at the base of the inner edge eyebrows and are a great place to start your acupressure relief.

You’ll want to work both of them with two fingers each, using circular massage pressure on the points while massaging in the same direction.

These points can not only help cure painful migraines but can also help clear up really noses and improve your vision as well.

3. YingXiang Points

YingXiang Pressure Point

They are located just outside the outer edge of your lips. You can find these pressure points by trying to locate a little dimple in the bottom of your cheekbones.

Find the spot, massage for a minute with your fingers, and you will be able to immediately relieve tension and open up your sinuses at the same time.

4. Tian Zhu Points

Tian Zhu Pressure Points

These pressure points are located where your head meets your neck, just at the bottom of your hairline.

You want to start massaging at the base of your neck and the top of your spine, working your way out towards your shoulders, massaging along the entire run.

This will clear up your painful migraines, reduce headaches and clear up nasal congestion. It also alleviates neck pain and fixes any insomnia issues you may have been contending with.

5. Shuai Gu Points

Shuai Gu Pressure Points

You’ll find these pressure points located about an inch above the top of your ear. You can find them by running your fingers along this area above your ear while looking for a small dimple.

Apply pressure here – consistent and steady pressure rather than massaging pressure. Do it between 30 seconds and 60 seconds and your painful migraines will disappear almost immediately.

6. He Gu Points

He Gu Pressure Points

These are some of the most famous pressure points of them all and are located right between your thumb and your index finger. You’ll want to gently massage this area with your fingers after balling your hands into a fist.

Not only will you be able to alleviate painful migraines with this approach, but you’ll also be able to eliminate back pain, toothaches, and a considerable amount of stress and pressure you may be carrying in your upper back and neck area.

7. Sacral Points

Sacral Pressure Points

Located throughout your lower back (just between your rib cage and your hipbone), these pressure points are most commonly used to alleviate muscular tension and anxiety.

But they can also be used to clear up kidney issues, asthma issues, as well as migraine problems that you might be otherwise struggling with.

You’ll need to lay down on your back to best locate these points, but you’ll feel refreshed as soon as you are done.

8. Pericardium

Pericardium Pressure Points

You’ll find this pressure point located maybe two inches from your wrist on the inside of your forearm. This is another of the “wonder pressure points”.

It doesn’t just clean your painful migraines, but also works to relieve nausea, fixes stomach issues and dizziness. And can even clear up motion sickness that you might be fighting off.

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