12 Easy Ways To Eat French Fries And Not Gain Weight

12 Easy Ways To Eat French Fries And Not Gain Weight

You can now enjoy delicious, fresh and crispy French fries at home without being afraid of gaining weight. And we’ve selected 12 best recipes for you!

For the fitness addict, there are lots of foods you know you should not eat, and we’re glad that you are disciplined enough to stay away from them.

You know it’s likely that those delectable and irresistible chicken laps, croutons, steak or French fries are not supposed to be on your recipes’ list for the week.

However, what if there was a way to indulge in your food pleasures, without the possibility of gaining some extra weight to those vulnerable parts of your body?

Chefs and cooking enthusiasts, with an interest in fitness, have worked out ways you can have a go at your favorite meals and not take in any weight-threatening calories.

Focusing on French fries, there are lots of recipes you can indulge in, stay healthy, while getting your fill of these finger-licking delicacies.

Healthier Versions Of French Fries

These are some of the healthiest French fries recipes we’ve found online:

1. Crispy, Oven Baked, Fat Free French Fries

Brand New Vegan with Chuck Underwood introduces you to one of the most delicious French Fries recipes you might have to try first.

Cook time 30 minutes, you are quickly underway to snuggling up on the couch, watching on your favorite movie on Netflix, while having a bottle of Coca Cola with your French fries.

Recipe here.

2. Baked Zucchini Fries

From The girl who ate everything, Beautiful Christy Denney rolls out a combination of zucchini mixed with egg white, bread crumbs and Pecorino Romano cheese, to dish out the Baked Zucchini Fries.

Palatable, healthy, appealing, you would get your fill of these fries, while getting those healthy minerals in your diet. If you’d want to try an alternative to the eggs, you can also use milk or butter.

Recipe here.

3. Sweet Potato Fries

If you are really a health nut, you should know that sweet potatoes come with a healthy dose of vitamins – A, B6, B5 and other nutrients like niacin and riboflavin.

Recipe prepared by Sarah at Raining Hot Coupons, you can’t miss on feeling healthier, and lighter, after you’ve tried out this recipe.

Recipe here.

4. Carrot French Fries

A newer, and possibly, more interesting way to eat your fries, you can try out for a taste of the Carrot French Fries.

Courtesy of bestselling author, Elana Amsterdam of Elana’s Pantry, you get to eat your fries, and get healthier on the carrot recipe.

Recipe here.

5. Pesto Roasted Carrot Fries

Great Fries recipe from Miriam at Overtime Cook, consisting of healthy ingredients, you can be certain the final product would be healthy also.

Recipe here.

6. Baked Butternut Squash Fries

Another amazing recipe from Overtime Cook, the baked butternut squash fries combine to give you a unique, dainty and mouth-watering taste.

Recipe here.

Air Fryer Fries Recipes

Now, below, we are going to be introducing some recipes that you can make with an Air Fryer. If you have not added an air fryer to your kitchen, you may be missing much; and you wouldn’t know, until you have!

The Air fryers has gained lots of adulation for spontaneously moving users toward more healthy eating. You only have to read the reviews on the different models available to understand their successful addition to the kitchen.

To the uninitiated, Air fryers are recently introduced kitchen appliances that help you fry your meals in a healthier manner.

The technology behind the air fryers is, rather than dip your food into a pan of oil, you can decorate your food with a touch of oil, and have it fried ‘by air’.

Using the air fryers for your food items, you can fry, roast, grill or bake anything you want. Thus, you can expunge most of the oil involved, leaving you to eat all the fries you want, without gaining an extra ounce of weight.

If you are still in the dark about air fryers and the best air fryer for you, stop by the Kalorik Air Fryer Reviews to get your first acquaintance with air fryers.

Here are some great (and healthy) air fryer French fries recipes:

1. The Best Air Fryer Fries

Preparation also involving potatoes, the Milner family, Dominic and Samantha, at Recipe This explains how to make the best air fryer fries.

One of the simplest recipes on our list, and fastest, you would have enough time to make this, before getting down to other activities, with no drop in the quality of the health benefits you can get.

Recipe here.

2. Healthy Low Fat Air Fryer French Fries

With a video-assisted instructions, Swati and Tushar of Watch What You Eat, created one of the most delicious French fries you can have. Using medium russet potatoes, parmesan cheese and some finely chopped fresh parsley.

Recipe here.

3. Crunchy French Fries With 80% Less Oil

Simplest recipe, requiring the minimum of oil, use floury potatoes, olive oil and salt (for taste), to create the perfect, home-made French fries. Inspired by Angela from One Smiley Monkey.

Recipe here.

4. Garlic Parmesan Oil-Free Air Fryer Chips

The recipe is laced with garlic parmesan flavor to give you a really inventive fries taste, to satisfy your palate. Compiled by Karissa at Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen.

Recipe here.

5. Fat Free French Fries

With a combination of red potatoes and sweet potatoes, these fries are easy to make as well as delicious to taste. Inspired by Miriam at Overtime Cook.

Recipe here.

6. Air Fryer French Fries

Simply one of Air Fryer French Fries recipes, you wouldn’t be able to say no too. Compiled and prepared by Christine from Must Love Home.

Recipe here.

Try out these recipes when you can, and let us know in the comments below how much you enjoyed trying them out.

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