Back Exercises And 6 Tips For A Straight Back

The Best 6 Back Exercises!

Back exercises help you to adopt a posture that impresses. People with straight back and haughty eyes have always been a great aroused admiration of others. And that’s exactly what exercises for back offers: a right posture, royal, impressive.

In addition, you can rejuvenate the back exercises more effective than any treatment with Botox or plastic surgery. And maintain healthy bones means more than any lifting of the skin. Although bended back seems to be a characteristic of old age, most often it is caused by osteoporosis and spine damage in the upper back.

Here are 6 tips to help you take a right posture during lifetime.

Back Exercises # 1: Unwind your back

Now that many people spend all day at the computer, it is important to straighten your back so that I improve flexibility. Merge your hands behind your head and pull your shoulders back to stretch your hamstrings muscles. And to maintain the health of the lower back have to get up on the scan every half hour to stretch or walk for a few minutes.

Back Exercises # 2: Keep your back straight

When you work in the office is best to keep your back and shoulders straight. It is a position that should come in reflex. It will take a while to become habit, it is therefore advisable to learn to always be aware of your posture, and for that are given yoga and pilates exercises. They will learn you to take a correct position every time you’re at the office.

Exercises for Back # 3: Strengthen the abdominal area

Yoga exercises and Pilates are great ways to strengthen the middle area of ​​your body: both abdominal muscles and the pelvic area. They are the foundation for good posture. In addition, if the abdomen is well developed bring other benefits to improving athletic performance to prevent urinary incontinence. Not only that, a strong middle area including improvements in sexual performance.

Exercises for back # 4: Say “ommmmm”

An excellent aid to learn to be aware of your body and strengthen your abdominal area is yoga. It is also a good way to improve and maintain flexibility and increase strength of all muscles in the body. Gradually began to practice yoga and learn to listen to how your body responds to certain stimulation. Hatha yoga is a good starting point for beginners. In addition, you need a good instructor to be sensitive to the needs and abilities and always ready to provide feedback.

Exercises for back # 5: Help your column

Older men and postmenopausal women have problems due to muscle weakness that surrounds the column. Therefore we prepared special exercises for lower back muscles, the neck, pelvis and abdominal muscles. Spine and muscles and body strength are important because they allow you to stay as long periods of time without feeling pain in the back.

Exercises for back # 6: Lift weights

The settlement takes your spine in height and can lead to hump in the upper back, the thinning of the bones due to osteoporosis.Both men and women can prevent these changes for the worse by performing exercises with weights. Walking or climbing stairs also help strengthen bones.

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