Yoga Exercises | Tone Muscles And Energize You

Yoga Exercises | Tone Muscles And Energize You

Yoga Exercises For An Energized Morning

Yoga is the best workout for the mornings when you are lazy and you want to get energized. Discover some yoga exercises that tones muscles and energize you.

Yoga exercises performed regularly are essential to the body mobility. Will be noticeably toned body muscles and the pain you feel often located in different areas of the body will disappear.

Exercise 1

This exercise is for hips, thighs, abdomen and shoulders.

From a standing position, spread your legs. Bend your right leg until it forms an angle of 90 degrees and move the fingers of your right foot to the outside. Raise your arms parallel to the ground at shoulder level and keep palms facing down. Exhale and inhale five times, only with the nose, while maintain this position. Switch legs and repeat. This exercise works very well all the muscles of the feet and hands, but strengthens the abdomen too.

yoga exercises

Exercise 2

This exercise is for back, ankles and feet.

Stand with feet together, shoulders relaxed, arms at your sides. Inhale deeply and raise arms overhead, palms facing towards each other. Bend your knees, pushing your butt back. This exercise works the muscles of the legs, providing protection for the most sensitive area around the knee.

yoga exercises 2

Exercise 3

This exercise is for glutes and thighs.

From supine position, legs bent and hands near the trunk, rise your butt. Press the floor with your hands to lift the trunk. Only legs, head and shoulders should remain on the ground. Maintain position and breathe deeply for 5-10 times, then repeat this exercise two to three times. This exercise is particularly useful for back and posterior thighs.

yoga exercises 3

Exercise 4

This exercise is for all the back areas.

From lying on your stomach, hands at your sides and palms facing the floor put your hands at your sides (or stretched over your head if you get to a higher level). Then lift your legs, head and chest, while holding deep breath in this position for five times. Try to raise your torso and legs more and more as you breathe. Repeat this movement 3-4 times.

yoga exercises 4

Exercise 5

This exercise refreshes the whole body.

From kneeling position, feet slightly apart and toes support, lean back. Movement can be made both with palms resting on the lower back and the other on your heels.

yoga exercises 5

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