Office Health Tips Every Desk Worker Should Know

Office Health Tips Every Desk Worker Should Know

Just because you are stuck at your desk, it doesn’t mean you should remain stuck with your old habits. Swap your old, bad desk habits with these office health tips and change your life for the better.

If you are overweight, and it concerns your well-being, you need to make some serious changes. So let’s see what are those changes!

Office Health Tips You Need To Know

Here are the best office health tips that every desk worker should follow for better health:

1. Make Healthy Choices

Office Health Tips - Make Healthier Choices

You need to hoard healthy snacks like dry fruits, etc.

Steer clear of vending machine items like soda, and sugar-packed snacks.

You need to make some serious lifestyle changes. If you are feeling hungry, and need an instant snack, you should take celery sticks and carrots instead of potato chips, and biscuits.

If you don’t like celery sticks, you can pack a deli snack or almonds with you.

These changes can cut off at least 150 calories per day. If you do it for a month, you can save up to 3,000 calories; this equals one pound of fat.

2. Get Moving

Office Health Tips - Get Moving

Changing your diet is not enough; you have to change your calorie equation with some physical activity. There are many weight loss exercises you can do in your office. So, don’t act as you are glued to your chair.

You have to keep yourself moving, so avoid just sitting at your desk if you want to burn some calories. So get up, stretch out, and take a walk around your office.

The least you can do is walk around while you talk on your phone.

When it comes to your break time, you should go outside for a 10-minute walk. Go a few floors down your stains, or walk around the block, whatever is convenient.

3. Count Your Calories

Office Health Tips - Count Calories

It doesn’t matter where the fat is stored; you have to create a negative calorie balance to realistically burn fat.

So check out your calorie intake, and limit it because you spend most of your day sitting. And you need to burn at least 3,500 calories per week to see some real changes.

4. Stretch Your Body

Office Health Tips - Stretch Your Body

Just because you are in your office, it doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. If you are willing to exercise, there are many options.

You can take a look at these office stretches and try to make them part of your daily desk job.

5. Tone Your Thighs

Office Health Tips - Thigh Stretching

You can do it under your desk. Just make sure you clear de-clutter your space. Here’s how to do it:

  • Remain seated with feet on the floor and back straight.
  • Now stretch your right leg and level it to your hip.
  • Slowly lower, and repeat this for 15 times before switching to the other leg.

6. Jump Start Digestion

Office Health Tips - Do Exercises That Stimulate Peristalsis

Flat your stomach by stimulating peristalsis. This refers to the wave of muscle contraction which moves food via the digestive tract. Suck your stomach in, and stick it out as far as possible. Breathe in when you suck and breathe out while pushing the stomach out.

Do this stomach exercise at least 20 times in a workday.

7. Drink Green Tea

Office Health Tips - Drink Green Tea

You have to admit, there is no way a weight loss guide is complete without green tea. Green tea is a weight-loss powerhouse, but it only proves effective if combined with a diet plan and a workout regime.

If you are a desk worker, swap your regular coffee for a cup of green tea. This way you’ll get all the benefits coffee has, plus an extra help with your weight control.

8. Breath Clean Air

Breath Clean Air

We all know that clean air brings lots of health benefits. It keeps our lungs healthy, oxygenates our brain, and improves blood flow.

And how can you improve the quality of the air in your office? It’s simple:

  • Open the windows to recirculate the air inside your office.
  • Look for the best air purifier and set it up in your office to clean the air.
  • Use your breaks to go outside and walk in the nearest park, or around the building. You can also eat your lunch outside if the weather allows it.

Make use of these office health tips if you want to stay healthy while working at a desk. Prevention is always better than the struggle of weight loss.

Again, take care of your health and follow these office health tips to improve yourself and protect your body.

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