The Pros And Cons Of Wearing Headphones In The Gym

The Pros And Cons Of Wearing Headphones In The Gym

What’s Wrong With Wearing Headphones In The Gym?

One of the issues that everyone seems to have a very strong opinion about is whether people should wear headphones in the gym or not. Really, there is very little compromise on this topic, and the opinions are as diverse as the headphone wearers. So here’s a little list that covers some pros and cons of wearing headphones in the gym, which shows both aspects of this matter, so that you can choose sides.

PRO: They Muffle Bad Gym Music

Really, you sometimes wonder who the genius behind the computer is. I’m not saying they’re not trying at all (or am I?) but the truth is that you have to be pretty chill about life in general to not have something against the music played in most gyms. It’s usually a bunch of aggressive songs you don’t even recognize, and if it’s not really your kind of music there really is no other way of hiding from it other than wearing headphones in the gym.

CON: They Muffle Pretty Much All Sounds

If you have some noise-cancelling headphones in the gym like most people, you probably noticed that there are situations when the sound is so nice and clear, and the song is so great, and you’re so into it, that the fire alarm might as well go off and you’d still be yelling in your head “TONIIIIGHT WE AAARE YOUUUUNG!”

Sometimes this is not an ideal situation, because even though gyms are a pretty safe place, you should have a bit of awareness of your surroundings. I remember I missed witnessing my first gym accident because I was wearing headphones in the gym. Some guy lost control of a barbell and everyone jumped to the rescue, and they were concerned and it was dramatic, and of course I didn’t hear a thing and missed all the commotion. Apart from the missed experience, I also realised I could have been hurt, had I been standing closer to him, because I would not have heard his grunts and swears as the barbell started swinging left and right, so I probably wouldn’t have known that I had to move in order to not get hit. Lucky me that time, but you never know.

PRO: Music Energizes You

If you have the ability to select your workout playlist, it’s most likely that you headphones will be blasting your favourite songs to motivate you. When you are wearing headphones in the gym you can listen to a tune you particularly love, and we all know you have to be a little bit “special” to NOT get really hyped about it. And all this extra energy is very easily transmitted into your workout.

CON: This Energy Might Mean Hearing Problems

Yes, you’re energized when you wear your headphones in the gym, and yes you feel like you can deadlift a bear, but all this energy makes you want to blast the music. And that’s where hearing problems begin. There have been countless studies on how loud music can affect the eardrums, and headphones are not some magical exception from this. If you abuse the maximum volume setting on your iPod, you might be in for a surprise as time passes. And it’s not only noticeable when you’re old and frail- sometimes you can see the effects in a few short years.

Do you wear headphones in the gym? Tell us why or why not in the comment section below.

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