Top 7 Mistakes Made At The Gym

Top 7 Mistakes Made At The Gym

Top 7 Mistakes Made At The Gym

The beginners in the sport and, often, even the most experienced are going to make some mistakes when they are in the gym, mistakes that can adversely affect the effectiveness of training.

Find out below which are the top 7 mistakes made at the gym and how they influence the effectiveness of training.

1. Wear Inadequate Equipment

Inappropriate footwear is often the source of injury. When you run or jump, for example, the impact with the ground is 3 times stronger than when walking. Therefore, look for shoes in favor of modern practices that cushion the impact with the ground and protects ankles. An essential accessory for girls is the bra that supports the breast correctly during movement.

2. Skip Warming Up

Because for many seem tedious and unnecessary, warming up before exercise is frequently skipped, switching to proper training. Role of warming up is to allow the progressive increase in heart rate and prepare the muscles for a prolonged effort.

3. Do Not Hydrate Properly

It is necessary to drink water before, during and after your workout to hydrate tissues and the loss of minerals through sweating. Take two sips of water every 10 minutes. If you go to cardio classes that are quite demanding, you can replace the water with drinks rich in nutrients and minerals.

4. Ignore Pain

Sometimes your body sends signals that strikes you as you’re running exercise does not do well and do not follow the pace of operation. These signals as pain should make you give up to that workout. If you ignore them, you risk destabilizing the body and it will not be able to function to normal in the coming days. It is therefore necessary to adjust exercise intensity according to the level of fitness.

5. Daily Train

Hope you’ll be in top form in short time and … overzealous urges you maybe go to the gym daily. But overtraining increases the risk of accidents and the degree of physical and mental fatigue. Ideal is an interval of 48 hours between training sessions, during which the muscles regenerate. At the same time, it is necessary to train not chaotic. Ask your coach to prepare you a tailored program for your physical condition and your goal (weight loss, weight gain, toning). For example, if you want to lose weight is not enough to just go to cardio classes, but you have to fill with toning exercises.

6. Reduce The Number Of Calories

Once you have decided to go to the gym and, therefore, to deposit a considerable effort, it was no time to “give” your body all sorts of deficiencies, or metabolism slows and your muscles will not be able to develop properly. Eat before and after exercise, foods rich in nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids) in reasonable quantities.

7. Take A Wrong Position

If you’re not positioned correctly when you exercise, the exercise is not effective and, moreover, can cause pain. Therefore, if you do not require any muscle exercise, or have pain, this means that it is not running properly and needs to ask for help from the instructor. For example, when doing crunches on the ground, the abdomen must be strained before you lift your shoulders off the ground. To figure out if the abdomen is tense, make sure your lower back to be attached to the mattress, that does not exist between the lumbar and mattress a space where you can put your hand. If this space exists, it means that your abdomen is relaxed and you get up from the ground with the neck muscles, not the abdomen, and sore throat and the back pain will not delay to appear.

top 7 mistakes made at the gym

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