5 Tips To Help You Remodel Your Gym Effectively

5 Tips To Help You Remodel Your Gym Effectively

If you’re a gym owner and plan to remodel your gym this year, don’t skip these five steps you must take to hire the right contractor for the job.

It’s that time of the year when you do your annual gym remodeling and renovation. But this time around, you plan to ensure you don’t go through last year’s experience.

The contractor was inexperienced, didn’t seem to have a project plan, and the gym lost customers due to project overrun.

Throw in the unexpected costs due to the delays, and that’s one experience you don’t plan on going through again.

For most gym owners planning a remodel or renovation, finding a reliable and professional contractor is always the most significant issue.

Getting the right contractor can be the difference between a smooth remodeling project and a complete disaster.

How To Remodel Your Gym Efficiently

Below are six things you should know before hiring a contractor to remodel your gym.

1. Be Clear On Your Goals

As the project owner, you need to be crystal clear about what you want. It’s your gym after-all, and you should drive the process.

Before drawing up a shortlist of potential contractors, spend time detailing out your goals for the remodeling project.

List out what you need the gym to look like at the end of the project, any additional amenities you want to be added to the building, and any other items on your wish-list. You must take this seriously.

That way, you don’t suddenly start changing project plans midway through renovation.

2. Get Quotes From Several Contractors

You need to get at least 3-4 quotes to get a fair picture of costs and the level of work each contractor can provide.

It is, however, advisable to get quotes from at least 6 contractors.

With this, you get a much better perspective, and it becomes much easier to make a better choice based on budget and quality of work.

3. Do Background Research

No matter how highly recommended a contractor comes, you need to do a background check. This helps you establish some minimum credentials.

You need to verify the company’s name and address and ensure their license is up to date. They also need to have complete insurance coverage.

You also need to verify if they have gotten the proper training and are done learning the basics of remodeling and renovations.

Also, check if they have any formal complaints or legal suits against them.

4. Set Clear Boundaries

Set up ground rules for parking, smoking, and any other issues that might affect you.

You should also agree on starting and closing hours, especially if your gym is in a zone that has strict rules about workers working late into the night.

Ask the contractor to perform background checks on all employees that will have access to the worksite. While it might slow the work down, it is a necessary precaution.

5. Spend Time Studying The Contract

You need to be fully aware of everything in the work contract. Don’t gloss over the details, you might regret it in the long run.

The final agreement must have:

  • Start and finish dates;
  • A detailed description of the services the contractor will provide;
  • Payment terms;
  • The consequences of default by both parties;
  • Notes on how you will resolve disputes;
  • Warranty of quality;
  • And information on any permits and licenses you need to carry out the remodeling project.

Remodeling can be fun and easy if you get the right contractor on the project. While it can seem difficult deciding on which contractor to go with, these five tips can make the search and selection process a breeze.

And with that sorted, you can remodel your gym in time, within the budget, and without affecting your business and gym clients too much.

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