Avoid These Mistakes That’ll Make Your Feet Stink

Avoid These Mistakes That’ll Make Your Feet Stink

There are many reasons your shoes make your feet stink. Things like foot hygiene, shoe care, and fungus, all have an impact on foot odor.

The smelly feet problem can be especially severe in the winter, because of the layers of thick socks and huge boots.

Apart from the obvious and inevitable causes of your stinky sneakers, there are plenty of other reasons your shoes might make your feet smell – all of which are easy to avoid during the wintertime.

Continue reading to be sure to avoid these mistakes that make your shoes and feet smell.

Why Your Shoes Make Your Feet Stink?

These reasons your shoes can make your feet stink can give hints for what’s causing your issue if you’re dealing with smelly feet and don’t know how to remove the bad odor.

Even better, you’ll discover how to get rid of stinky feet!

1. Ventilation Is Missing

Materials such as leather and suede retain sweat rather than allowing it to evaporate.

To ensure air circulation through your shoes, seek footwear that includes cotton or mesh.

2. Shoes Are Worn Up

Wearing the same pair of sneakers day after day might produce a smelly environment.

Feet get stinky if perspiration soaks into the shoes and you wear them again before they are dry. Your shoes are in desperate need of a break!

So make sure you have more than just one pair of running shoes.

3. Feet Are Not Clean

Another recommendation is to wash and dry your feet properly every day to avoid bad odors.

A simple scrub with your preferred body cleanser will take care of the problem.

4. You Have Foot Fungus

Athlete’s foot is a fungal skin infection that can cause your feet to smell bad, which then stinks up your shoes. And even though you wash your feet, your shoes will retain the odor.

Don’t worry, there are over-the-counter creams and other treatment options that can easily help you get rid of foot fungus.

5. Shoes Are Not Clean

To keep your sneakers fresh, wash them after any intense exercise. But simply soaking your sneakers in water is not sufficient to clean them properly.

Depending on your footwear, you should either use the delicate washing option on your washing machine or wash them by hand with water and detergent.

Also, if you don’t let your shoes dry completely before wearing them again, they might get mold inside. You definitely don’t want that!

Another great tip to keep your shoes clean is to sprinkle baking soda inside each shoe every night. Baking soda will help remove the moisture, deodorize, and refresh your sneakers.

6. Socks Are Not Clean

Your socks are also important when trying to get rid of the bad smell in your shoes and feet.

Now, if you don’t wear socks at all, sweat can become trapped inside your shoes and release a bad odor. The same happens if the socks aren’t clean enough or if their fabric does not absorb sweat properly.

Fortunately, there are socks developed expressly to absorb odor-causing perspiration.

The Takeaway

Shoes might really influence the level of your foot stinkiness. So the best shoes that do not make your feet stink are those that include cotton or mesh to offer proper foot ventilation.

Also, the above tips to maintain and clean your shoes are also helpful in your battle against foot odor. Wash your sneakers after every run, and your feet will be a lot less stinky.

Don’t forget about proper foot care which includes wearing clean socks, washing your feet frequently, and treating foot fungus.

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