The Step Diet | Path To A Beautiful Body

The Step Diet | Path To A Beautiful Body

The Step Diet

With The Step diet you are counting steps towards a balanced body, not counting calories. If you are looking for a healthy way to lose weight and maintain your tone without caring about quantities and calories, then The Step diet is ideal for you. For The Step is a restrictive regime, but a compilation of exercises and nutrition tips aimed at acquiring physical and mental balance.

Find out more about The Step program to help you lose weight safely and have better health!

The premise goes like this: do 10,000 steps every day and reduce every meal to a quarter! In other words: move more and eat less!

The Step Diet Is A Program For Life

The Step is designed by James O. Hill, John C. Peters, Bonnie T. Jortberg and Pamela Peeke, nutritionists and specialists in obesity. The four experts gave birth this program to be maintained for life, not just a few months. “No need to give up small pleasures food such as bread or pasta, you do not deprive us of sweets or exhausted us daily in the gym. Our goal is to have patients healthy and in good physical shape, balanced throughout life. We do not see the extremes as something beneficial.” said all four.

Balance Is The Key To Weight Loss

So , The Step diet teaches that we don’t need to be athletes and marathon runner to make daily move. The most natural and simple form to be active is to walk , something we do every day anyway . It is important to raise the bar and become less lazy : no car to office , no elevator , multiple outputs in the park, climb more stairs , everything to reach 10,000 steps daily . In the first week begins with 2000 steps , and then all add up to reach 10,000. In order to count the steps , The Step diet propose purchasing a pedometer .

As for nutrition , The Step diet founders encourages the consumption of vegetables, fruits, dairy , grains , fish and red meat , without any food ban in vehemently . If one day you’re hungry for a cake with whipped cream or a pizza, you can enjoy them without any problems , as long as you respect the rule : only 25 % of the product ! Therefore, we summarize the fourth quarter pizza or cake , but appetite will be satisfied and feeling of frustration food not exist !

The Art Of Walking

The Step Diet go on a simple mathematical principle: lose weight when you burn more calories than you eat! And it’s real! The founders shall invite the first week of The Step to monitor food and physical routine. If you used to eat fast food, you should avoid or at least reduce drastically as one of their few restrictions. Are you sedentary? It’s time to change that.

Step By Step …

So the idea is this : serve three meals a day and two snacks . Choose more fruits and fresh vegetables , cooked food , not fast food . Reduce portions to 25 % by weight and walk 2000 steps , the first two weeks . That is 15 minutes daily. Every week add 500 steps each . When you reach the ideal number of 10,000 , this will mean 75 -minute walk. You have so much time ? This is the time to buy a stepper, the simplest and cheapest you can find , and work at home , in private , to touch 75 minutes .

So no censorship and drastic diet eating ! You will not say “no” to pasta with cheese sauce , cakes , fresh bread or roast in the oven ! You will learn the moderation and you will understand that cravings are satisfied and you’ll only taste a few times ! You’ll know your body and learn to listen . Balance is the key , and walking does not only the legs beautiful, but the whole body!

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