How To Choose The Right Martial Art For You

How To Choose The Right Martial Art For You

Are you considering getting involved in a martial art of some kind? If you are getting involved in martial arts, then you need to be aware of the fact that there are over fifty-one different kinds of martial arts.

Choosing The Right Martial Art For You

Choosing the right martial art for you will depend on what you want to get out of the martial art you’re going to practice! Let’s take a look at the most popular martial arts and see which one is best for your needs.

1. Aikido

This martial art originated from Ju-Jitsu and resembles tai chi when it is put into use. Aikido students will use quick movements and calculated throws in the defensive strategies that are employed.

There are two main goals in Aikido, and they are to overcome your opponent and to then throw your opponent.

Students who choose aikido will like a quick style of martial arts and a good level of fitness and strategic thinking.

2. Hapkido

This is a Korean martial art and it is relatively new on the scene of martial arts that are available. It involves a combination of hwa rang do and Taekwondo in its style.

Hapkido is a very fluid and circular style of martial arts and it is influenced by Kung Fu as well.

This kind of martial art involves a lot of locks, throws and grappling than Taekwondo, and so people who are looking for a contact style of martial art with lots of grappling will enjoy Hapkido.

3. Krav Maga

This was derived from an Israeli defense martial art and involves a lot of attack-style movements.

The aim of Krav Maga is to disarm a fight or to finish a fight as quickly as possible, and so it requires a high level of fitness and style in order to be successful.

4. Judo

This is a very popular style of martial arts and takes its roots in Ju Jitsu.

This style of fighting concentrates on subduing your opponent with holds and throws and requires a good level of fitness and technical skill to be successful at it.

5. Jiu-Jitsu

This kind of martial arts is sometimes referred to as the father of Japanese martial arts, and it evolved over centuries to also have an influence over Aikido and Judo.

The makeup of the movements is varied, and they include kicks, strikes, knees, and chokes, among others. You’ll also see joint locking and immobilization being used in Jiu-Jitsu.

This martial art would be well suited to those who like high levels of technicality and technique being used. Also, getting proper BJJ gear is essential to training smart and safely.

6. Karate

Karate is based around efficient attacks that prioritize movement and straight lines. It’s a short, sharp, direct style of movement and people who do Karate will enjoy a traditional style of martial arts.

7. Kung Fu

This martial art was based around efficient movements from hundreds of styles of Chinese boxing. Bruce Lee is a big fan.

8. Thai Kick Boxing

This is a powerful and aggressive style of boxing and kicking that uses a lot of skill and brute strength. Suited to anyone who wants to get fit, fast!

9. Taekwondo

This is a very exciting style of martial arts, and it emphasizes the legs, and plenty of kicking, with demanding training and stretching.

I hope that this short rundown of ten of the most popular style of martial arts has been helpful to you as you go about choosing a martial art to practice.

It will be a very rewarding thing to undertake training in a martial art, and you know that you are partaking in a centuries-old way of working out that works for your mind and body.

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