7 Tasty But Dangerous Foods You Should Never Eat

7 Tasty But Dangerous Foods You Should Never Eat

Eating healthy and knowing what foods you should never eat is just one of the easy ways of staying fit. What’s on your plate matters because it directly correlates with how healthy and fit you are!

I agree, it may be difficult to eat healthily in this modern world, considering the wide and common availability of genetically modified foods that have chemicals and preservatives added to them.

But it is certainly not impossible and you can improve your diet with just a little bit of effort. Which would, at the end of the day, be totally worth it. I can assure you of that.

Foods You Should Never Eat

Let us talk about the foods you should never eat. Ever. Because they are doing you more harm than good.

In fact, nutritionists have labelled these foods as being so unhealthy that you need to eliminate them from your diet right away. Start with gradually reducing their intake and, if you are honest with yourself, soon they will not be a part of your meals at all.

1. Processed/Canned Meat Or Cheese

When I think of processed and canned it reminds me of extremely high levels of preservatives and chemicals. They have to keep them on shelves for a long, long time, right? And the only way to manage it is, that’s right, through preservatives.

Any animal products, and generally most of the food products as well, always require a lot of preservatives added to them to prevent them from going bad. Microbial growth and contamination can occur very easily and quickly without preservatives.

Besides preservatives they also have thickeners and sugar. Again, unhealthy for us. It is always better, and not that difficult, to opt for fresh meat and dairy products instead. At least you will be getting the natural, original thing.

2. Non-Dairy Creamer

While the name says “non-dairy” it is not necessarily healthy for those with milk allergies. Ever wondered what makes this creamer so very “creamy”? It is not the extra real cream as some of you might think.

It is the partially hydrogenated soybean, coconut or palm oils; a perfect way to expose your body to trans-fat that is pretty damaging for your heart and liver.

Oh, and it has no nutrient density whatsoever. You still think it is okay to consume it?

3. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

This is still such a controversial topic. Not enough research has been conducted yet that we can claim GMOs to be completely safe. In fact, some have actually revealed that they could give allergies.

Why take the risk? Natural is always better. Err on the side of the caution and go for organic foods.

4. Pepperoni

While pepperoni may make your pizza more flavorsome, your body is certainly not in favor of it. Well, at least not if you plan to consume it regularly.

Pepperoni is extremely processed meat, high in saturated fat, sodium and protein but at the same time it is not nutritious. While an occasional pepperoni snack is okay, consuming it regularly can expose your body to heart diseases you do not want.

The high levels of saturated fats cause harmful LDL cholesterol to rise and beneficial HDL cholesterol to decrease, and also increase risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Too much sodium in pepperoni causes hypertension and high levels of nitrates that can lead to anemia.

5. Soda – Diet Or Otherwise

Soda is the worst thing that could happen to your body. No exaggeration. The huge number of calories in soda expand your waistline very quickly while not even giving any sense of fullness.

Soda has no nutrients whatsoever. What does it have then? GMO ingredients, chemical sweeteners, caffeine, artificial colors and flavors and extremely high levels of sugars. Perfect recipe to poison your body.

These sugars raise LDL and lower HDL in your body, putting your heart at risk. Not only that, it also disturbs your body’s balance. And no, diet ones are no better.

Soda is the last thing you should opt for when thirsty. It may appear to quench your thirst at that time but actually it causes dehydration.

Water is the best alternative, not to mention much cheaper too. And if you are not too fond of plain water try giving it a squeeze of lemon.

6. Sweeteners

How can one even think of consuming something artificial? After all, it is a matter of our body and I would never knowingly eat something that is not natural. They would not contain any nutrients at all.

Alternating artificial sweeteners with a dash of honey or maple syrup is a great idea; healthy and safe.

7. Refined Grains

These include some kinds of cereals, pastas and rice. By refined it means that the natural fiber, vitamins and minerals have been removed from the grains. And then the companies replace these but through a synthetic way and in the same proportion.

Why remove them in the first place and why “synthesize” them later? Sounds sneaky. And store shelves are normally full of refined grains. Avoid them. Go for the real stuff instead.

So are you ready to make a change for the better? For a healthier living? For a fitter body? Start right away by avoiding these foods and replacing them with healthier alternatives. Senior care services that care for your elderly loved ones also follow these basic facts and try to stick to advice given by the nutritionists.

You should know that the key to a wholesome and fulfilling life is derived from having a well-balanced diet and understanding what kind of foods you should never eat, even though they taste great.

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