A Quick Guide To Taking Collagen Powder The Right Way

A Quick Guide To Taking Collagen Powder The Right Way

Should you take nutritional supplements such as collagen powder? Why? When? How? Here’s a complete guide to help you get it the right way.

Collagen is a protein that is naturally generated by your body. It is the connective agent responsible for holding your bones, your skin, and other tissues in the human body together.

As you get older, you use more collagen than you produce. This makes it necessary to supplement this important protein in order to maintain your vibrant looks.

Signs That Show You May Need Collagen Powder

Have you noticed fine lines or wrinkles on your face? This is just one of the numerous signs to look out for when you have a collagen deficit.

Up to the age of 25, your body is able to produce more or as much collagen as it needs. But as you grow older, your body’s collagen production rate reduces. This is what calls for collagen supplementation.

Other issues that may crop up due to limited collagen in your system include stiff tendons, aching or sore muscles, and joint pain.

Some believe that you should take your collagen powder supplement very early in the morning when your stomach is empty. Others think that it is better to take it in the evening when you are just getting ready to sleep.

To remove all the guesswork and to help clear the air, here’s some insight on how you should take collagen powder the right way.

Mix It Into Your Favorite Drink

Collagen powder alone doesn’t really taste that good. So, to help hide the repulsive taste, people have deduced different ways of taking it.

What is your favorite healthy drink? Is it coffee, natural fruit juice, milkshake, or yogurt? Collagen powder easily dissolves into your revered hot or cold drinks. And many love the creaminess and delicious taste it brings into your beverage.

Other healthy drinks you can take with your collagen powder include herbal tea, different smoothie recipes, and water.

Mixing a scoop or two of collagen powder into your drink means you stay hydrated and you get to meet your recommended daily dosage.

It is, however, advisable that you take your drink mixed with collagen powder the same day you prepare it.

If you are unable to finish the drink, do not store it in your fridge to take the next day. Simply discard the old drink and prepare another fresh mix.

When Should You Take Your Collagen Powder?

Everyone has a different time when they like taking their collagen supplement.

Nutritionists are keen to explain that be it when you wake up in the morning, during the course of your day, or after dinner, there’s no particular time you are supposed to take your supplement, you can take it whenever you please.

It is true that some supplements work better when taken on an empty stomach and others work well if you take them right before you go to sleep.

It is, however, good to note that collagen doesn’t work the same as other supplements.

On the condition that you take the required amount of collagen powder per day, you are good to go.

With or without food, the body is capable of breaking down collagen powder into useful amino acids required for you to see various changes inside and outside your body.

Purchase From A Credible Source

Various manufacturers prepare their collagen powders differently. Some add-in synthetic flavors, sugars, or blend them with other supplement powders. Others use grass-fed sources or marine-fed sources from where they extract their collagen.

If you want to reap the full benefits of collagen powder, it is advisable that you buy it from a credible seller or retailer. This way, you get to be sure that you are buying pure collagen powder.

Do not gamble; get high-quality collagen powders from a trustworthy source for all your supplementation needs.

If you take your collagen powder the right way, you set yourself up to reap immense benefits, including:

  • Smooth glowing skin;
  • Long, strong nails;
  • Strong healthy hair;
  • Healthy joints;
  • Reduce aging signs and improves skin elasticity;
  • Encourages proper digestion;
  • Normal cell reproduction, and more.

In the recent past, collagen supplements have become popular among dieticians and people who want to maintain general health.

Collagen is either extracted from fish, cow skin, pigskin, or chicken. It can be taken in the form of pills, powder, or injected directly into your body. Of all these, the most common is collagen powder.

With the tips above you can rest easy and in confidence that you are taking your supplement the right way. Plus, you get to see fast results in a short amount of time.

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