Tai Chi Exercises For Both Body And Mind

Tai Chi Exercises For Both Body And Mind

Tai Chi For All

Tai Chi is a combination of slow movements, relaxation and controlled breathing. It is the mildest form of martial art, native in Chinese tradition.

Tai Chi is an energy practice accompanied by slow movement and circulation, which helps both body and mind. Each position has to do with the next without a break, and the body is in motion constantly. Practice, physical and mental relaxation, blends harmoniously while strengthens muscles, tendons and joints.

This practice is recommended for all, regardless of age and condition. Help fallen backbone in any conditions, but relaxes the muscles. It is recommended for hypertensives, sufferers of arthritis, heart disease, cancer, digestive disorders or depression. Develop flexibility, muscle strength and balance.

Tai Chi reduce daily stress, improve mobility, balance, strengthens muscles and ensure longevity, but don’t forces the body too much,  because the movements are graceful and slow.

It can be practiced anywhere and anytime, involving jogging, aerobics and similar simple movements, relaxation exercises. It takes a casual and quiet equipment. Tai Chi exercises are non-competitive and even if done in a group, each person working in his own rhythm. Simplicity and efficiency make it can be done regularly.

Tai Chi Moves

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