Superstar Body Tips From Professional Trainers

Superstar Body Tips From Professional Trainers

When looking good is part of your job, fitness becomes a high priority. That’s why we selected the best professional trainers tips to build a superstar body.

Stars Are Different Than Us

Yes, they crave hamburgers and sweets, trying to take off weight and even get cellulite. However, they will throw cash at the problem, spending upward of $300 an hour on the most effective trainers to remodel their bodies. Not to mention, an A-lister’s paycheck usually hinges on her staying in peak form.

Celebrities have motivation, determination and, most significantly, pressure. If you were in a film that was opening in a closer period and 2 million folks were planning to critique how you look, you’d feel a similar pressure to get your body worked out. Even if there are not any red carpets in your future, you must still channel stars’ can-do mind-set.

A Superstar Body Needs A Fast And Furious Workout

Most celebs are not “crazy in love” with the gym. Even if they work out almost every day, they don’t enjoy it because they have to deal with people pulling out their cell phones snapping pictures of them. Because the celebs do not have enough time they practice short and high-intensity exercises that can be done anywhere. These kind of workouts boost your metabolism and sculpt the right muscles for a superstar body.

If you have only 30 minutes a day to sculpt your body, than a hard core workout will be perfect for you. During a 30 minutes of high intensity interval training you can burn more than 300 calories. This kind of interval training requires you to expend more energy than a regular workout.

Let Your Clothes Be The Judge

Going by the scale isn’t the only way to keep an eye on your weight. When you’re in shape or you managed to lose enough weight or even if you already have the right weight, grab a pair of jeans that looks amazing on you and make those jeans your own standard. Slip them on once a month and you’ll easily observe if some extra pounds were gained.

What to do if you already have some extra pounds? The same thing: use your actual jeans as a standard until you lose  enough weight. It is an amazing feeling when you observe the gap between your belly and the jeans zippy. Nothing is more motivational than the progress!

Superstars Walk!

The most incredible and underestimated workout is walking. Did you knew that a right daily walking target is 10,000 steps? Do you even get closer to this? If you don’t know how to count the steps here are some useful posts about watch with pedometer and fitness apps for your smartphone.

Celebs are supervised by a personal trainer who send them messages if they don’t hit the daily target of walking. This way is hard to skip the schedule. But if no one bugs you about this, then you let it on the next day and so on. Again, a fitness app can do this for you through push notifications.

It’s your choice if you use a fitness app or not, but remember that a superstar body is built by never missing the daily walking target of 10,000 steps.

What Body Shape Are You?

Drew Barrymore is apple-shaped, so if she gains weight, it’s going to go to her midsection. Jennifer Lopez is a pear, which means her weight goes to her butt and thighs. Their workouts are focused on the body shape and you should do the same if your target is a superstar body.

For example if you are apple-shaped, you should stick to rowing machines, boxing and planks. But for more information about the body shapes and the fitness solutions for them, read this article.

Make A ‘To Do List’!

Did you drink water instead of soda? Write it down. Did you take the stairs instead of the elevator? Write it down. Sure, you want to lose five more pounds, but you already lost 20, right? Well, write that down! Make a list with the things you must do every day (regarding fitness and weight loss) like walking 10,000 steps, drinking water instead of soda and so on… Check them once you have accomplished them.

Appreciating what you have accomplished can be empowering!


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