Most Important Habits Of The Super Fit People

Most Important Habits Of The Super Fit People

What makes the super fit people different than the rest of us? They really are no different. They have jobs, kids, mortgages, school, pressure, but one thing does set them apart: mindset.

The mindset is what leads super fit people to create solid habits, a solid mind, that lead to keeping their body “solid.”

Super Fit People Habits

1. They Don’t Think Of Their Fitness As Work, But Rather A Way Of Life

It’s kind of like taking a shower, sure you can go without one, but you just don’t feel right the rest of the day.

2. The Super Fit People Don’t Skip Workouts

They take training days as seriously as a Dr.’s appointment. Appointments and meetings get scheduled around their workout time, not the other way around.

3. They Take Their Rest As Seriously As Their Workouts

The super fit people know that in order to perform at their best and to get the most out of their body, they have to give it a rest. Rest days and sleep are as essential as the workouts themselves.

4. They Eat To Fuel Their Goals

Everything they eat serves a purpose. Protein for muscles, carbs for energy, and produce for vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Treats are done, but never over-done.

5. They Tune Everything Out When They Work Out

Focus. The super fit people know that anything you give your undivided attention to works out better. Being in tune with your body allows them to make tweaks, and know which tweaks to make.

6. They Push Through Frustration

If you think it’s easy for the super fit to get fit, and stay fit, you’re wrong. They’re highly competitive and always striving to hit new goals. They struggle like everyone else with busy lives, stress, plateaus, fatigue, and frustration. But there isn’t a thought of giving up, it’s just a matter of finding their answer.

7. They Prepare Their Food In Advance And Don’t Leave Hunger To Chance

 The super fit people know what they’ll be eating the whole day. If they don’t bring their food, they know what they can order off menus and what they can find at a grocery store. Drive-throughs don’t exist in their world.

8. They Use Their Flaws As Motivators, Not As A Reason To Give Up

They see their flaws (even if you don’t) and despise them like everyone else. But rather than letting their flaws bring them down, they use them to motivate them UP.

9. They Envision The Win-Goal-Finish Line Every Day

The goal is crystal clear in their minds. The thought of the sculpted body, or winning the race always keeps them motivated. Regardless of life’s pressures, they race towards the winner’s tape.

10. Persistence, Persistence, Persistence

Yes…they are persistent!

11. There Are No Excuses

The super fit people learned early that excuses are time-suckers and don’t get you anywhere near your goal. Better to get it done then whine about why you didn’t.

12. There Is No Giving Up

Enough said.

These were the most important habits of the super fit people, but what are some of your best fitness habits? Leave a comment below and share them with us!

The super fit people habits

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