Stomach Exercises Don’t Get Best Results?

Stomach Exercises Don’t Get Best Results?

Everyone is looking to get flat and toned abs for the upcoming summer months. Who wants to flaunt their beachwear without a stomach that others are envious of? Stomach exercises are the fastest and easiest way to get abs that look great and help you flaunt your figure. Losing belly fat can be tricky with just dieting alone, but stomach exercises will quickly target your troublesome area and help the excess belly flab melt away. You might not know where to begin when it comes to stomach exercises, so here are just a few of the best ones to try out. If you want a flat stomach, your only option is to become acquainted with these popular stomach exercises.

Crunches Are Not The Best!

When it comes to stomach exercises, you might mistakenly think that crunches offer the best workout for your abs. However, you would be very wrong. Crunches only work out the muscles that are located on your front and have no real effect in targeting the rest of your core muscles. In order to get abs, you must target all of your core muscles. This means that you should try out stomach exercises that have more of an impact on your body. Crunches can be great, but they will not help you get the abs you want on their own.

Best From Stomach Exercises: Side Planks

Side planks are stomach exercises that workout more areas of your body and help you get faster results. This type of stomach exercise also helps to reduce back pain and strengthen your lower back muscles. These stomach exercises are more difficult to perfect, but they target all areas of your stomach and help you to flatten your belly in no time. In order to perform this type of stomach exercise you simply lie on your side and move your hips off of the floor. You are also instructed to simultaneously balance your forearm and feet in a diagonal line. Hold this position for around 45 seconds or as long as you can without excessive pain.

Walkout From Pushup Position

This type of stomach exercise is also a bit tricky to master at first. It is designed to offer full body movement that is targeted in the stomach area. You simply start in a pushup position and walk out with your hands as far as possible in reps. You will soon have the flat stomach of your dreams.

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Rock Hard Abs In 12 Minutes Infographic

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