Common Injuries That Can Be Treated By A Sports Podiatrist

Common Injuries That Can Be Treated By A Sports Podiatrist

A sports podiatrist is a foot doctor who prevents, diagnoses, and treats common injuries that people get from engaging in sports activities and exercise.

If you ever find yourself suffering from any foot injury because of your recent game, or session at the gym, visiting a sports podiatrist is your best option.

Podiatrists have great knowledge of how your muscles, bones, and tissues work during any type of activity. So they’ll know how to assess your injury.

They’re also experts in treating sports-related injuries and making preventive care plans to somehow avoid these injuries.

These treatment and care plans are tailored fit to every patient’s needs. So whatever your injury is, they can devise a plan for you.

In this piece, we’re explaining only some of the common injuries that sports podiatrists can treat.

What Injuries Can A Sports Podiatrist Treat?

If you’re suffering from any of these sports injuries, contact the podiatrist nearest to you immediately!

1. Ankle Sprains

Almost every sport that involves running or jumping always has the highest risk of causing you an ankle sprain.

You can roll or twist your ankle awkwardly anytime which can result in tearing your foot ligaments. After tearing these connective tissues, your ankle will experience pain, tenderness, and swelling.

But the pain doesn’t stop there. An ankle sprain can actually be categorized into three degrees. The worst of them all is the third degree. It means that the ligament is completely torn.

While you can alleviate the pain yourself at first by resting your foot, elevating it, and applying ice to it, you still have to visit a sports podiatrist to get treatment.

Normal ankle sprains can take up to 2 months to heal while third-degrees will require surgery.

2. Trauma And Fractures

Trauma or fracture is characterized by broken bones, immediate pain, and swelling. These injuries can also hinder one’s walking ability or even standing.

Once you’ve suspected that you’ve fractured your bone, seek medical assistance immediately.

It doesn’t matter whether you only have mild symptoms or not, if you feel the pain and swelling, go to a sports podiatrist right away.

Fractures are not to be dismissed. Broken bones can actually break your skin, therefore exposing themselves to the air. This can cause infection or nerve and blood vessel complications.

Treatment of bone fractures can be a pain in the ass, too. You must undergo surgery and you must wear walking boots to ensure proper healing.

3. Achilles Tendonitis

This injury is one of the common culprits of heel pains. Your Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in your body which connects your calf muscles to your heel bones.

The injury occurs when this tendon experiences repetitive strains which cause it to be inflamed.

If you’re an athlete who uses this part of your body a lot, then you are more prone to this injury. Runners, for example, often use this tendon when sprinting. So they are more likely to have Achilles tendonitis than regular dudes.

Bone spurs can also be experienced by those who have Achilles tendonitis. This type of pain develops when the damaged tendon fibers harden at the bone.

Achilles tendonitis can be treated by non-surgical processes like:

  • Resting your feet properly;
  • Pressing ice bags;
  • Anti-inflammatory medications;
  • Shockwave therapy;
  • Physical therapy;
  • Orthotics;
  • And cortisone injections.

But it’s always better if you consult a sports podiatrist to properly assess your condition and give you the right medications and treatment.

Whether you’re a serious athlete, a regular dude who’s into sports, or someone who just likes to sweat it out in the field or gym, always keep an eye on your feet.

Always Ask For Expert Advice!

In case injuries happen to you (which are perfectly normal in sports), don’t just brush it off and take the right actions. Go visit a sports podiatry clinic, and have your feet checked by an expert.

Sports podiatrists will not only assess your injury or give you medications. But they’ll also help in treating you and creating a plan for your ultimate recovery.

So if you ever see yourself limping due to an injury, don’t hesitate to go to an expert.

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