Slimming World Diet | Eat Anything And Lose Weight

Slimming World Diet | Eat Anything And Lose Weight

Slimming World Diet

“Taste the difference” is the motto of the Slimming World diet founders. Interesting, no? We are talking about a diet that promises many pounds less without hunger, without censorship or even portions of a food and eating from your heart! Sounds utopian, but it is not! There are people who have lost weight, even 70 pounds with Slimming World!

Find out more about Slimming World diet that helps tens of thousands of people worldwide to lose weight!

Slimming World is a concept that has appeared overnight. It was born in 1969 in the UK, and today has hundreds of thousands of followers that followed SW slimming program and had spectacular results. Slimmg World diet is not about counting calories , banning certain foods , portioning meals or starvation , but about optimizing food. I mean you can eat anything from chicken, beef, fish paste , milk , eggs , cereals , vegetables, fruit , fries, roasts or stews, which are disaster foods for many diets ! Not here ! How so?

It’s All About The Cooking Style

French fries are not prepared with oil bath , but in the oven , with a special technique , steaks are not made in skillet but on the barbecue, stews containing fresh tomatoes, and no heavy sauces etc . As “sin ” food are the fast food and confectionery , sauces , snacks from trade , chocolate and wine. Proponents of the diet can “sin” once a month . The concept of slow food is the key to Slimming World.

Menu for the week


Royal Breakfast : an orange , mushrooms , tomatoes and grilled eggplant , boiled egg and bread.

Lunch: stick raw vegetables , beef steak grilled cheeses.

Dinner: A pie with carrots , peas , spinach and cheese in the oven and a yogurt with a teaspoon of honey and fresh raspberries.


Breakfast : porridge fruit . In a bowl , mix 250 ml of goat milk with 35 g oatmeal , a banana and two apricots diced into cubes.

Lunch: A large baked potato , split in the middle and filled with goat cheese and fresh tomato sauce . Then, as dessert , fresh apples with walnuts and honey.

Dinner: pasta bolognese ! Over pasta cooked al dente , pour a homemade sauce of ground beef , onion , carrot , celery, tomatoes , garlic , salt , oregano and pepper.


Breakfast : a bowl filled with water buffalo yogurt , granola and strawberries !

Lunch: tuna salad with corn, red onion and shredded parmesan.

Dinner: 2 medium potatoes fries (actually baked on parchment paper ) with cucumber salad and mustard sauce.


Breakfast: two scrambled eggs with cherry tomatoes and bacon.

Lunch: soup cream of any vegetables of broccoli carrots or potatoes plus chicken skewers with vegetables.

Dinner: Bruschetta with various types of cheese in the oven.


Breakfast: A glass of milk accompanied by cake and other assortment of homemade cake.

Lunch: baked beans, peas, pot stews of choice.

Dinner: baked fish with mushrooms.



Breakfast: Mozzarella with tomato and toast.

Lunch: Roast stuffed with garlic baked with vegetable garnish held wok.

Dinner: Royal Arabian pita, hummus, salad tabboulesh with parsley, tahini sauce, cheese baked.


Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs with cheese sauce and cucumber and bell pepper

Lunch: soup of any kind and a roast turkey in the oven

Dinner: salad with homemade mayonnaise

So I found the secret! This is slow food! I mean home cooked meals, like grandmother’s time, when consuming any, but there wasn’t fast food, chips, frozen food and all foods crammed with chemicals and hormones like today. Slimming World diet consume only what they prepare at home, traditional recipes. Exercise is recommended: from aerobics to cleaning the house or garden, and the results are guaranteed! A thousand turn out!

Slimming World diet

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