Unknown And Shocking Facts About Diet And Exercise

Unknown And Shocking Facts About Diet And Exercise

As a nation we’ve become obsessed with what we eat and how we look. Before you embark on the latest fad diet, stuck up on the healthy option ready meals or invest in special designed dumbbells, you need to know these shocking facts.

Shocking Facts In Fitness

In this article we’ll be revealing the shocking truth that many diet and fitness regimes should carry a government health warning. Some of the things you’d think would make you better and live longer could actually make you more harm than good.

Just eat nothing and you’ll be fine. You’ll be dead, but you’ll be fine.

1. Food Contaminants

No matter how hard we try to eat a healthy diet, these days we are all eating more organic protein than we thought. In a normal food supply we’re going to have contaminants. You can not keep bugs out of stuff, they’re in everything.

If you’re wondering just how many unwanted things could be ending up on your dinner plate, here are some terrifying stats:

  • Peanut Butter – 145 bugs / 5 rodent hairs per jar;
  • Tomato Juice – 10 fly eggs / 5 fly eggs + 1 maggot per glass;

For some of you this is not a problem, but it is a sign that there is organic food, naturally grown. Also, some rodent hairs will not kill you, so don’t worry.

2. Bread Is Bad

They say men cannot live on bread alone. Our next shocking fact is that no matter how healthy you think your whole meal might be, we shouldn’t been eating bread at all. One of the shocking facts about bread is that one of it’s processing ingredients comes from chicken feathers. How many people knew that? Not many.

When we were kids, the bread was so hard after 3 days that you even could break a window with it. Today, a week later the bread is still soft and it’s still in day. And that’s because they pump in a lot of additional fats and preservatives.

For thousands of years bread was a healthy low fat food until supermarkets wanted to prolong it’s shelf life. Now they’re making bread in half an hour. How is that even possible? No wonder you’re feeling bloated after eating bread.

3. Too Many Bananas Are Radioactive

The shocking fact about your healthy snack bananas is that it can turn you radioactive. Bananas contain extremely large amounts of Potassium 40, a radioactive substance. One or two bananas is fine for your metabolism, but if you eat more than 12 you could end up with Hyperkalemia, the terrifying symptoms of which are nausea, irregular heartbeat and cardiac arrest.

4. Do We Eat Paint?!

What is the difference between a brilliant white paint and a nice, fresh skimmed milk? Actually they are the same, because the chemical that makes paint white is also added to make skimmed milk white. Without it, skimmed milk would have a naturally blue color. And it’s not just your milk, titanium dioxide is found in many other things we stick in our mouth, such as toothpaste, cottage cheese, sweets and pills. this gives me a headache just thinking about it.

5. Cereals Are Not The Best Option

This morning you probably think you had a healthy bowl of cereals for breakfast or a delicious cereal bar. But shockingly, what you actually had was a lot of sugar. The cereals are massively high in sugar and the first 3 ingredients are sugar in a form or another, like corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup etc.

Okay, so it’s loaded with sugar, but is low in fat, right? Just because they say low fat, it doesn’t actually mean that is good for you. Because sugar is the actually problem with the cereals, not the fats. So you are distracted by the “low fat” label and forget about the high sugar content. Cereals don’t contain fat anyway, so a low fat cereal bar is ridiculous.

I hope these shocking facts about diet and exercise were helpful for you. Also if you have something to add please leave a comment below because this article will be permanently updated with new shocking facts. Stay fit!

Shocking Facts About Fitness

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