Remove Wrinkles With 5 Easy And Simple Steps

Remove Wrinkles With 5 Easy And Simple Steps

There are several homemade recipes for wrinkle-free skin that really work. You must be careful when trying to use one.

That’s why I have already selected the best and easy way to get rid of wrinkles.

Instead of spending lots of money on several expensive products, you can try this ideal treatment to remove wrinkles.

What You Need To Remove Wrinkles

Here are the “ingredients” for this easy wrinkle removal recipe:

  • Yogurt ½ cup;
  • Banana ½ cup (ripe);
  • Honey 1 tsp.

How To Do It?

Step #1: Mash the banana, it is better to select a ripe banana that is ideal for this treatment.

Step #2: Blend together honey and yogurt

Step #3: Mix all the ingredients and apply them evenly to the face and neck.

Step #4: Wait for 15 minutes till it gets dried.

Step #5: Rinse your face well with warm water.

Tip for best result: To remove wrinkles easier, when you apply the mixture to your face, cover the face with a cloth dipped in warm water as it opens the pores and helps to penetrate the mask into your skin.

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